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Rising action sketch
Plot: Rising Action

#l. Tyler catches a "new employee" in the act of snooping around the family premises of the estate, around the old well house to be exact. The employee offers up a really lame excuse as to why he was where he had no business being, and the Protag gives the guy the benefit of the doubt. He lets him off with a warning.

#2. Later in the afternoon, when Tyler is driving Catriona into town to pick up her car from the shop, he sees the same "new employee" in what appears to be a heated discussion with none other than Bishop. At that moment Tyler begins to realize he has a real issue on his hands and may be in over his head. What really unnerves him is when Catriona pointedly asks him, "What are you going to do about this?".

#3. Tyler reaches the point of no return when he chooses continue on with the business despite the fire and the break in at the home. He and the people who are helping him realize the two are connected. It is at that point that Tyler realizes to end the problems, the family mystery will have to be solved.

#4. From Point of No Return to Climax

a. Decides business festivites will continue despite the outside efforts to harm his business.
b. Uses all available spare time to dig into all of the old family journals .
c. Manages to escape from trap set by Bishop.
d. Plots with friends and family to finally bring Bishop down.
e. Confrontation and arrest of Bishop and as promised a big reveal to family and friends.
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