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Dedicated to my friend, a good man who lost his ways due to drug habits.

Listen to me as I sing, to the very song of my own
Nothing I do is much fun, though I have passions of my own
I do walk on the right path, like you I have been lost
Sometime it's easy to keep walking, sometimes it's too dark to find my path

Gaining more in life, losing some as I move on
I like to speak the truth, though I know how to lie
I have made a few friends, but a some of them are gone
Memories of the grieving past, and the memories of good thoughts
Walking under the blazing sun, walking through the freezing nights
And none of it matters, till I refuse to move on

I see living beings, who look much like me
And I see them all, wasting their lives unlike me
I too have dreams and thoughts, and I can see they don't matter
What I see and I feel, is what I learn and embrace
What I say and do, shall be what's best
If I am right, then maybe you can learn something new
If you are right, maybe I can learn something new
And in the end, non of it matters
If you don't learn to embrace the truth, and simply move on.

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Written on 2013
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