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A Strong-willed Princess stands up for her love of a common man no matter the cost
The Shameless Princess

Chapter One

King Montan gave Alexia a stern look. “Princess Alexia, be reasonable,” Sitting opposite the princess. He scratched his unkempt beard, studying her carefully. He expected a weak, frail young woman easily manipulated. Instead, the raven-haired princess stared at him with determination. She pouted angrily her porcelain-like features set in grim lines her blue eyes sparkling

Alexia stared at the king her eyes narrowed. "No."

“No!” King Montan repeated aghast. “The man is a criminal I’m prepared to set him free for your sake; if you agree not to see him again and consent to marry my son,” he paused. “Have you no shame."

“Apparently not,” Alexia began. "King Montan, you seek to blackmail me by wrongfully imprisoning someone I care for,” Alexia paused, leaning forward her eyes met the king's unblinking. “I can assure you this will not stand, no matter how much I care for Ransom Jones, I will not barter his freedom against my love for him nor will he for me,” Alexia paused. “I know as does he, neither of us will betray our love for each other no matter the cost."

King Montan was speechless. “There is no comprising with this woman.” He stared wide-eyed at Alexia. “Even if it means war between our two kingdoms?”

“War it will be if you don't release him,” Alexia stated. “I will give you until the day after tomorrow to decide; either show me proof of any wrongdoing or release him.” She paused, staring unflinchingly at the king. “Parten Montan, any proof of wrongdoing you bring better be good. I’ll not tolerate lies or deceit." Knowing two days would not be enough time for the king to fabricate any story that would withstand thorough investigation. “I wish to see him now,” Alexia demanded, getting to her feet abruptly.

The lack of title and use of the familiar not gone unnoticed by king Montan his face turned a blotchy red. “How dare you speak so rudely to me, I’m the king here,” he bellowed fuming. He took a breath to calm himself, attempting to speak in a more reasoned voice. “Princess Alexia, surely you can see the benefits of joining our two families.

Alexia's cheeks flushed as she stood stiffly erect, "No! Not through coercion, nor would I under any circumstances,” turning her back on the king. Her honour guard wheeled instep. She took several steps only to be stopped by the king’s guardsmen on either side as they crossed their ceremonial pikes to block her exit. The tension in the throne room heightened as Alexia’s guards prepared to defend the princess. Alexia raised a hand and pushed away the pikes blocking her way. Behind her, the king sighed in resignation and nodded to the captain of his guardsmen. The king’s men lowered their weapons and stood to attention

“Have someone escort the princess to see the prisoner,” the king said, waving a hand.

The princess did not turn back to acknowledge or thank the king stiff-backed she continued only when out of sight as she walked along the dimly lit hallway flanked by her honour guard did she allow herself relax a little. She shuddered most of the tension flowing from her. They were met, by one of the king's guardsmen who led them to the dungeons where Ransom Jones is being held. The jailkeeper wouldn’t permit more than one other person beside Alexia to see Ransom Jones. Sandtor Benix captain of her honour guard. A close friend to Ransom Jones and loyal to both the princess and Jones stood a respectful distance behind as the princess conversed with Jones.

Alexia's heart sank, barely containing the emotions that threatened to overcome her composure. “How are you holding up?” Are they treating you well?” Her voice trembled slightly despite her best efforts to keep it under control. She glanced around the dingy cell in which Jones stood and grimaced. Though the cell contained little more than the bare necessities, it was at least clean and dry. Finally, she locked eyes with Ransom putting a hand through the bars; he reached out, taking her hand in his.

Ransom Jones gave a reassuring smile as he held her hand, “I’m fine your highness and am treated very well considering.”

Alexia’s eyes narrowed; she gritted her teeth, feeling righteous anger welling up within herself. “Considering what? That you are being accused falsely and held as a bargaining chip, I will not stand for it.”

Ransom gripped her hand tight in his own staring into her fathomless eyes knowing all too well the princess’s temper was strained to breaking point, “Please your highness be calm, if you let your temper get the better of you now and lash out you will seem childish, and lose credibility in the eyes of this petty king and his people.”

Alexia took a breath and let it slowly she looked away briefly returning to meet his eyes once more with a guilty look. “It may already be too late for that,” she smiled sheepishly.

“What have you done now, Alexia?” Jones asked, So much his concern for the princess he ignored protocol something he never did before now in public. Standing a short distance away, Benix flushed turning his head, as he pretended not to hear the conversation.

“It does not matter now what’s done is done we need to get you out of here,” Alexia paused thinking a moment. “I should not have sent you to negotiate with this king we underestimated how cunning he is.” A look that Ransom Jones, recognised all to well crossed Alexia’s face. She nodded to herself as she reached a decision.

“Don’t do anything reckless your highness perhaps it will be easier to agree to the king’s demands at least for now.” Jones could see the anger rising in the princess again as her shoulders lifted. He held a hand up to placate her, giving her a lope-sided grin.

Alexia let her shoulders drop and took a measured breath, “You know well, even if I do give in to his demands he would eventually bleed our homeland dry as he has his own, and the son is no better than the father.” The princess paused, shaking her head. I can’t; I must not ever give way; even for you my love, this king will bring about the ruin of both countries with his greed and lust for power for the sake of our own people he must be stopped,” Alexia said her tone grave.

Jones nodded, "Yes, I know, and understand your dilemma highness. I’ve seen it for myself travelling here. Lendoria is on its knees its people destitute; rebellion is rife everywhere.
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