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by Nosh16
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Story of 21 yr old Cameron,getting to know his life, past and how he navigates through it
Ch 1

Im finally here! I park my black 2010 Toyota along side the curb making sure I do not hit it and damage my car. I take the key out of the ignition and pull down the mirror from the top. I check my hair and clean off any marks I have on my face. “ I look great today” as I think to myself. I try to always compliment my appearance, living in todays world their is always something wrong with ourselves but I try to speak positive about who I am.

My name is Cameron Sanders, I am 21 years old. I am 6 ft, 180 lbs. I am not fat nor I am I skinny. I am about average with some muscle tone. I try to work out a few times a week but its not that fun. I always make some excuse on why I can not work out today. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes with a tan skin tone. I like to consider myself as a confident person but we all have our moments.

I get out of my car and I stand their for a moment, looking out the neighborhood. Across from me is a one story house, built in the 1960’s. the driveways is grey with a small patch of grass in front of the house next to the driveway with flowers and plants right in the center of the lawn. Their is a rusty black fence all around the front of house, separating the lawn from the neighbors. As I walk towards the house, I pass by 3 cars in the driveway. 2 Toyota minivans and a Honda accord.

The house is a light blue color all around with steps to the front porch. I open the white steel door in front of the actual wooden door. As I open the doors and step in the house, I am greeted by a 30 year old women, She is about 5’6 120lbs. Light skin tone with light brown hair and brown eyes. She is wearing a red blouse and light make up, she smiles at me and very politely says “Cameron I didn't know you were coming today”. She then gives me a hug and walks me to the living room. “ Yeah I thought I would come by and visit, haven't seen Noah in a few weeks now” I respond as I walk with her. “ Oh thats nice, he misses you very much, let me tell you dad that you are here” She then leaves the living room. I sit down on the couch which is 5 ft from the front door. Their is a window adjacent to the couch where light shines in from the outside. Its very quiet in the house today, usually their are other people as well. I look around the room to see if anything has changed since I have last been here.

I look at the photos on the wall and analyze them as if they are new. As I look at the pictures, she comes back into the room. “Your dad is on the phone in the backyard, he will come in any minute” She sits on the couch adjacent from me and we start conversing. “So how have you been” I say politely. “ Great, Thank You for asking, we went to Monica’s engagement party yesterday, It was really fun, I thought you were going to be there” she says confusingly. Quickly I respond “ Well I had to work or else I would have came” Truthfully I kind of wanted to go but didn't think I was going to have too much fun. Monica is my dad’s older brother’s daughter but I am not that close to her, thanks to my dad. I sometimes don't feel comfortable going to events with my dads family out of respect to my mom.

“Oh well, hopefully you can make it to the wedding, I hear its going to be a very big one” She says happily, as if she hasn't seen a wedding before. Ever since she married my dad 12 1/2 years ago she has gone to countless parties in this family that she married into, much more than I have in my whole life probably.

“Maybe well see, so what are-“

“ Cameron” My dad says cheerfully as he barges in the room. He comes over to me and gives me a big hug “ How have you been?, how are your brothers doing?, How is work?” He begins to ask me question after question. I smile and nod and respond “Great, everything is great dad, how are you?”

“Im doing good, son. Im very glad to see you, We are going to be setting up lunch very soon, you came at a great time” He turns over to his wife and says “Alexandra, start working on lunch, while I talk to my son” He then takes a seat as Alexandra gets up, she asks if I want anything and I say no, She then leaves to the kitchen.

As Alexandra is cooking in the kitchen, I sit on the sofa talking with my dad. He begins to ask about my brothers and wants to know everything they are up to. I begin to tell him. As I talk to him and I cant help noticing how much his appearance changed. When I picture my dad, I picture him as he looked before - 13years ago, Tall, Slim guy with muscle tone. Black hair, big brown eyes, tan skin as myself. Full heard of hair and a mustache.

Now looking at him, his face has aged. I guess that makes sense considering he just turned 60 a few months ago. His full head of hair is nearly gone, as well as his mustache. His eyes look tired and old, as does his skin with all the wrinkles he has. I guess life is catching up to him, Im sure smoking cigarettes and weed is not helping either, its certainly not helping his yellow stained teeth.

“ So why didn't you come to your cousin’s engagement party, I told you that you were invited didn't I” He says sternly, He always invites me to his family events instead of the person who's party it is. “ Like I told your wife, I was working, I will come next time” I respond sharply.

“Oh okay, he says quietly, as if he thinks I wont come. I will come depending on who's event it is. Having exactly 60 1st cousins on his side of the family allows me to pick and choose whose events I want to go to. Many of my cousins are much older than me, the oldest being 54, and many are younger than me the youngest being 3. This is due to my Grandparents have 13 kids with a 26 year gap between the older and youngest.

We continue to talk about current events, as Alexandra walks back into the living room” Lunch is served, George, Linda, Verona and grandmother are waiting in the dinning room, why don't you men get settled as I get Noah from his room” She then walks toward the hallway.

“ My wife cooked a great meal today along with Linda, Im sure you will like it” He says as we both walk towards the dinning room. The layout of this house is very interesting, Once you walk inside their is the living room with a hallways on one side of the wall leading the bedroom and on the other side is the second living room leading into the dinning room.

The dinning room has a long table seating about 12 people total, It is lightly dimmed. As I walk towards the table, On the left is my 88 year old grandmother at the head of the table, on her left is my aunt Verona, the eldest daughter, then my Uncle George and his wife Linda. My dad sits on my grandmothers right side I leave one chair empty for his wife and sit on the next one, I pull out the chair on my right for Noah to sit. Everyone is in the middle of a conversation waiting for Alexandra to bring out the food. As I sit their waiting, I am counting the seconds on when this will be over
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