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by Joy
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The muses celebrate our birthday

With divine inspiration in the new universe
Nine muses convened, singing cyberspace verse.
Stories.com, the oasis they created with a new pose,
Just hit the keys and click poetry or prose.
No more clay tablets, parchment, papyrus, paper and pen,
But lyrics and scripts for a glorious mise en scene.
The muses say, "Let’s not leave them without fame,
Each is reborn with a handle, a brand new name."
Enterpe, the giver of pleasure, plays the flute,
While Terpichore, the whirler, dances to the lute,
For there is a birthday party in this new domain,
In our week of happiness we celebrate our gain.
The Story Master, the anchor of our art,
A candle in the darkness with a grand heart.
The Story Mistress, encouraging and kind,
Our cheering crowd applauding with delight.
The muses try but they cannot choose
Between a duck, a cow, an otter, or a moose
Calliope says I’ll take care of the epics,
She assigns John W. for rhymed poem picks.
Clio, the proclaimer, her heart is set in history,
Cave of the Past Writer engages in her mystery.
Erato falls in love with her lyre of love,
All the writers swoon here and above.
Melpomene promotes pain with joy of tragedy,
Discovers Elad, with the drama or laughter ready.
Milkman has Thalia of comedy mooing
Sacred poetry of Polyhymnia is for our viewing
Urania mixes in our fiction her astro stuff
The three fates spin our fate, it is not too tough.
Those fates, Clotho, Atropos, and Lachesis,
Debate over their researched thesis.
Our destiny is foretold, this site will live longer,
Their vote is unanimous, each day we’ll grow stronger.

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