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by Kat
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Just some thoughts that are personal...
It's so loud inside my head, with words that want to come out. I try to block it all out, But i'm drowning and it's like i'm suffocating on my thoughts, I try to talk about it, but sometimes talking doesn't help. Sometimes trying to be strong makes you feel weak. I am happy one minute and then the next it's like my mood has drained and i'm completely in a whole different mood.

Sometimes I really feel like it's me and my thoughts. And it makes me feel alone and sometimes I really just lay there and think that I can't feel like this anymore, I'm literally over thinking everything and it makes me mad and it hurts the people that I care about the most. So I decided that instead of talking about it to someone and keeping it bottled in. I'm just going to write it down, that way it's getting off my chest and i'm not keeping it in.

But at times it's hard to find the right words that fit the way I feel, I honestly have writers block and it's challenging to think of things to say at times. And listening to music really does help it gives me inspiration, I feel selfish sometimes because I know that their are people that has worse problems than I do. But I know that I just can't keep it in. It's not healthy, and I don't want to feel like I am just complaining so I don't know, writing is my way of getting things off of my chest. Got any suggestions feel free to email me.
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