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Describing a puppet
The Puppet.
         Sitting on the edge of the dresser, the old time ventriloquist doll awaits someone to pay him some attention. Nobody wants to the make eye contact with him as the unblinking soul devouring eyes and grim humor feigning grin permanently attached to his face, make him the stuff of nightmares for children and even some of the better knowing adults, who still ponder why they didn't burn the too human doll. But nobody wants to come near it and nobody has wanted to for decades. Inexplicably, the area directly around the puppet's legs has remained dust free, almost as if it someone had been moving it or perhaps the dust itself knows enough to stay away from the intimating puppet.
         The skin coloration of the puppet is quite realistic and peculiar, almost matching exactly what one would imagine an old English farmer's skin tone to look like, slightly tan and rough. Perhaps the creator of the puppet didn't think enough about the horrors and nightmares the life likeness of the doll would bring upon the young and should know better old. The choice of attire for the doll also brings about fear as it is a from a period not known to the modern generation, a time without electricity and running water being a convenience of the bourgeoisie. Some simple brown pants with a matching pair of suspenders adorn the puppet, both items standing still in time as no age or rot has touched them. No shoes remind the viewer that there was indeed a time period when shoes weren't readily available and they were a symbol of status as the purchaser had to have enough money to purchase a pair.
         The grin of the doll is one of anticipation, almost is if he is waiting for the viewer to turn around so he can move slightly and play a trick on the distracted individual. Or perhaps something worse. No teeth are shown through his too perfect lips, keeping the puppet's true thoughts and motives to himself.
         Perhaps the most haunting feature of the doll is his eyes. Big and almond shaped, the dark centers are so large that they seem to follow everyone one in the room, no matter their location, gleeful or hateful, the skin around the eyes leaving that distinction up to the viewer.
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