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This is the second chapter. It's not that good, so please tell me where to improve
The winter season had finished and spring came along like the delivery parcel that sat outside Spring's house. The blooming flowers complimented the beaming sunlight which illuminated the warm morning of an open spring. Just a week ago, Spring had been knocked over by a girl nearly her age and now she had befriended the sweet but lonely girl. Spring loved making new friends and adored creating them more. Her bedroom was made to kill. Her adoring parents who spoiled her had not been able to step into her room to read a story to her before tucking her in or take in her clothes to wash them. Her room was restricted and secured.

"Mother, I need some tea. Place it outside my bedroom door in 15 minutes or I'm going to refrain from talking to you again. Understood?" As you may have noticed, this beautiful and sweet girl is rather just an impolite brat. In the afternoons, spring would venture into the woods to collect new victims to befriend and bring them round her place to play. But little does the victims know, playtime at Spring's house NEVER ends.

Just like any other day, Spring opens her curtains to reveal the radiating sunlight. She changes her nightgown and loudly runs down the stairs to have found herself bewildered.
"MOTHER, BREAKFAST ISN'T READY YET I COME RUNNING DOWNSTAIRS TO SEE FINISHED PLATES?! HOW CRUEL!" She didn't hear any response. Spring decided to go up to check if she was still asleep, but someone had rung the doorbell. She goes to check.
"Spring! How are you? I came to check if Yuriko had come round to your house for a sleepover, she hasn't come home yet and I'm quite worried. Have you seen her?"
Without her breakfast, she gets rather moody, so she walks away and leaves her neighbor to be.

She quietly strolls into the woods, almost as if it was her own home. As she reaches the end of her limit, she notices a figure which crept towards her. without caution, she stands, bravely, at the figure. the moonlight eventually reaches the figures face.
"Hello, care to join me for some tea?"
Spring decides to trust this man and follows him deeper into the woods. They come across a sign:


"Don't worry 'bout that, I made it so that no one would come in and disturb my tea."
Spring doesn't utter a word.
"Don't be afraid, I won't harm you, I just wanna play."
Spring notices the door was unlocked and so they enter.
Inside the small cottage, there were illustrations of ways to murder. Of course, she found it quite interesting, but a chill climbed up her spine. I should run, I don't feel safe. Then, spring walks backward, slowly, until her back touched the front door. She began to panic.
"Don't worry, I won't hurt you. Please don't go, I'll be angry. You'll have nowhere to go. Please." Spring unlatched the door and sprints her way back to her home. As she reaches her house, she notices the door was open ajar. Spring tiptoes towards the living room, soundlessly, and, to her horror, blood. Everywhere. Her eyes were wide. When she recovered from her sudden shock, she notices writing on the back wall that was, seemingly, from her mother's blood.
You should have never run from me
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