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by Norman
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I found an old letter
I found an old letter
It was yellowed and torn
It was folded and wrinkled
And looked greatly worn

It was high on the top shelf
Tucked inside a book
It was hidden from view
No place you would look

I know what had happened
To that curious cat
I said a small prayer
Not to end up like that

Then I opened the letter
And I did so with care
It was crinkly and old
I didn’t want it to tear

I read with reluctance
For this wasn’t mine
This secret old letter
It felt like a crime

It read, “Dearest John,
I’m sorry to say
I’m leaving you truly
I’m going away”

My hands shook and trembled
I knew what I had
A real ‘Dear John’ letter
It made me so sad

“I know that you love me,”
The letter went on
“But I can’t stay with you
I’m better off gone”

It ended with, “Love”
And a name that I knew
I saw who had penned it
My old Uncle Lou

I didn’t see that coming
It was a surprise
It explained quite a lot
Really opened my eyes

I thought of my uncle
He was a nice guy
But he always seemed sad
And now I know why

So how did it get here?
What happened back then?
Perhaps I should just put
That note back again

But the secret is out now
About Lou and about John
I hope they have found peace
Now that they’re gone

So I put back the letter
High up on the shelf
We all have our secrets
I’ll keep mine to myself
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