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by Gainer
Rated: 13+ · Preface · Action/Adventure · #2172086
(Something I decided to just throw together might make it bigger). A boy was forgotten.
There once was a young boy. The boy had no parents, no friends, no siblings, the boy had no name he had nothing. He lived in an orphanage with other young kids who had a similar situation to his own, but they had friends that cared for each other. The nameless boy was always teased for being “different” than the other kids but the boy never knew why. He was just like them nothing was different. He was an outcast.

He slept next to a boy named Ben. Ben was about the same age and probably the closest thing to a friend he had. Ben has given him a nickname it was NN short for No Name. “Hey NN” Ben said.

NN replied, “What is it”.

“Do you ever think of what it would be like to go around the city” said Ben. NN didn’t say anything for a minute before saying

“Yeah but, we could never do that” It was pretty much impossible to get out of the orphanage without getting caught.

Ben abruptly says, “ I found a way out”.

“Really where?” NN asked.

“ I’ll tell you later at night” Ben says then walks off.

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