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anna's best friend dies but what happens when she needs her help

I can't believe this is how I'm saying goodbye. Anna stood out front of the local church, on a hot day in Teriam, Catyen.

Two days earlier, she had found her best friend Kate, lying on her living room floor, a gunshot wound to the heart. Now it seems like a lifetime ago, the worst part is nobody knows who killed her. Who would want to kill one of the sweetest girls in the peaceful town of Teriam.

Kate was the complete opposite of Anna, she was a complete goody-two-shoes, kindhearted, and all together a good person. Anna on the other hand was troubled, a street artist, and a bad kid in general.

Later that day

"how are you holding up?" Anna's mother asked.
"How do you think?" Anna said with a tiny smirk across her face.
"I'm going to go take a shower" Anna said as she left the room. As she got into the hot shower she felt all of the tension leave her body. As she reached for the bottle of shampoo, she caught a glimpse of the mirror across the room. She couldn't believe it, standing in front of the mirror was Kate.
"Don't be scared, I'm not going to hurt you" Kate said as she stepped forward and put her hands in the air.
She thought that she would be happy to see Kate, but now she was terrified.
"You have to come with me, I can't do this alone." Kate said as she left the room.

30 minutes later, in rose garden park

As she entered the park, she saw why Kate had brought her there. There was a man in a dark hoodie, standing alone.
"That's him, that's the man that killed me" said Kate, handing Anna a gun.
"I can't kill somebody Kate!" Anna said shaking.
"You have to or I can't be free" said Kate
Anna walked towards the man, with the gun at her side. As she got behind him, she raised the gun and aimed it towards him. With her finger on the trigger, he turned to face her. Before she had a chance to see who it was, she pulled the trigger. As she stood petrified, with the body at her feet, she realized she hadn't killed a man, she had killed her own mom.
"Kate! did my mom kill you?" Anna practically screamed."I'm so sorry" Kate said sympathetically.
"Did she?" Anna screamed.
"yeah" Kate whispered.
"That wasn't your real mom, your mom died a long time ago. I met her, she helped me when I died." Kate said, barely above a whisper.
"Anna I see a light!" Kate said walking towards the other side of the park.
"you can cross now" Anna said, looking for Kate, but Kate was gone.

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