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by Goku
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This is a fictional story and it is the first chapter of the novel I am working on
"Perfection is not something you can attain and yet I say, the world doesn't require perfection. Why? Class, I want your opinions." This is my philosophy professor, Professor McKinney. He teaches us philosophy and asks us deep questions. Hello! I am Sam and I am eleven years old. This is the story of my life in the Island of the great Palamino. I can explain about this later but here is one thing that distinguishes our land from the rest of the world - Magic. "Well? Seems like no one wants to cooperate. Then I will call you out." he said with a frown. "How about you Sam? Answer me. Why is perfection not required in the world?" Oh great. The reason why I hate to answer questions in his classes are because he gives you this 'special punishment' if you don't answer his questions correct. Don't ask me what it is. I have never experienced it before nor have my friends. Most seniors say its too terrifying to talk about. I stood up slowly from my seat, my mind racing for something to say. I hoped the bell would ring soon. I took a deep breath and said, (without any hope) "The world is never a perfect place because perfection is an ego that cold drive people evil. In their pursuit to the absolute perfection people tend to forget the sins they have committed and that's why perfection is not required." The whole class held its breath and looked at the professor. He raised an eyebrow and said," I appreciate that you have a good mind but you look at things in one way. Perfection can also be good. You spoke negatively and hence you have detention." What? That's not fair. I answered his question and now I am gonna be the first among my friends to receive punishment just because I got the answer right!
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