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"It's Monday," Sarah mumbles as she rolls out of bed. As she walks towards the washroom, a smile forms on her face. Today is her one year anniversary working at Hoyt and Associates law firm in Toronto. Originally from Atlanta, Sarah knew from the age of 12 that she wanted to be a lawyer. Even through high school, she continued to pick classes that would help her pursue her dream. After completing both her Bachelor's and Master's in Social Science, Sarah started pushing her resume before she officially graduated from the University Atlanta with a 4.0 GPA. As she kept applying, she came across an application for Hoyt and Associates for a law clerk. Although her goal is to be a lawyer, Sarah figured it would be a step closer and applied anyways. She wasn't sure she would get the job seeing as how she didn't live in the country. In the end, it didn't matter to her, she would go wherever she needed to go in order to do what she loved most. Within 12 hours of her applying, she got
an e-mail saying she got the job! Sarah started jumping up and down for joy, thanking Jesus for the glorious blessing. Then she stopped, realizing they never said anything about an interview. As strange as it was, she was still thankful for being given this great opportunity. The only hard part would be telling her big brother Dominic and her best friend Monique.

Sarah and Dominic had lost their mother to cancer eight years ago, and their father, well you can guess he disappeared when Sarah was only five. One day, he left for work and never came back. From then Dominic was the man of the house and helped their mom with anything she needed, including helping to raise his little sister. Dominic and Sarah are only 3 years apart, making it difficult at times when she wanted her big brother and not the father substitute he had become at such a young age. (<---This is really good, voicing Sarah's thoughts on the complexities of the situation) But nonetheless, he was always there for her no matter what. She decided she wanted to tell him first, but would delay until later that day.

A year later, Sarah had her own upscale apartment downtown in the heart of Young and Bloor, her own car bought and paid for, and a job that was taking her one step closer to her dream job--she couldn't have felt more blessed. Sarah looked for her best suit, charcoal grey pencil skirt, and blazer with an ivory silk blouse. But there was also another reason why Sarah was so excited, and that reason was named Jeremiah. Jeremiah was another law clerk at the law firm where she worked. Lord, that man is fine! Sarah thought as she pulled into the driveway at work. This man has been haunting her dreams for months now, Sarah didn't know how much longer she was going to last before she did something stupid like having a rendezvous on the desk in the office they shared together.(<---Very good, I like how you express her nervousness.) She valued her job too much she thought, I've got to get a grip.
Breaking the Ice

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