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by Norman
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Sugar and spice and all things nice? Maybe not.
I know you think she’s perfect
But heed my sage advice
They always have a dark side
It won't be always nice

Her smile is sweet and gentle
She’s the apple of your eye
Don’t say I didn’t warn you
Pretty soon she’ll make you cry

It will start with a little tussle
An argument you’ll lose
She’ll have a temper tantrum
It’s called the terrible twos

Then things will soon get better
She’ll be daddy’s little girl
You’ll love each moment with her
She’ll brighten up your world

And then she’ll hit her teens
Just when things were going well
Then the dark side will take over
And you’ll catch a glimpse of hell

A hell that you may live through
For several long, long years
The good times and the blessings
Will be filled with sudden tears

But that time too will pass
When she has reached an age
The dark side will draw back inside
Like a tiger in her cage

And then your girl will marry
As daughters often do
That dark side will just lie in wait
But this time not for you

Hey, congratulations on your baby girl!
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