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by Gotee
Rated: 18+ · Essay · Tragedy · #2172225
Future now and when
Who Said It Gets Better

I can see it's going to be a long decade. Cheers to Marx, apologies for not paying closer attention. The built in self destruct mechanism that has brought capitalism to its knees was activated in 2008 and was never deactivated though most were fooled into believing otherwise. The process was slow at first but by 2020 it had regained its momentum and was moving full throttle toward wasteland USA. The only question that remained was what would bring civilization down first, economic destruction or environmental chaos. As it turns out each builds out from the other. When the Pacific quakes began and large parts of the western coast were summoned to the sea the economy reacted swiftly. Savings accounts were disappeared like union leaders in Latin American dictatorships. There was no point in arguing with the teller behind the glass, or for that matter anyone. The machines had the answers and they were not willing conversationalist. You want to know what happened to your money. What money? Your account shows a zero amount. You say that is ridiculous but the machine says otherwise, or in fact it says nothing at all, just a blank screen staring back at you with a silly looking smirk on its shinny glass face. The water was shut off yesterday and the load of shit in the toilet has become a metaphor. The kids have been sent off along with the wife to a safer place outside of the city. They moved in with your mother thirty miles west of the interstate in a rural community held together by the local church and minister who repeats time and again to turn to the lord for guidance, which is all well in good when you have had enough to eat but doesn't sit too well in an empty belly. Now with the family out of the way you can focus on being the hero you always thought you were. You will gather together your arsenal of wits, wisdom, and weapons and solve this problem the American way, with violence. The riots have left the place in shambles. Block after block, street after street, there is nothing remotely akin to a solution hiding amongst the shattered glass and shredded lives. The fires burn day and night and the fire fighters have long since given up and gathered together their families and like the police fled the land. The military inches closer each day as they attempt to hold together with a slip shod knot what has become completely unraveled. They can barely keep a string of neighborhoods from falling backward into chaos from one day to the next. Martial law is the order of the day. Curfews to keep looting to a minimum have been in place for weeks but they are as pointless as the looting since there is nothing left to loot. If you want a television set, help yourself, you can't eat a TV. This was all predicted by men and women with IQ's above American years ago. Historians recognized the patterns of society in decay and wrote about the upcoming tragedy that would be the USA in free fall. The last man to win the presidency was an idiot whose sole function would be to oversee the decimation and contribute to its urgency with the redistribution of wealth and the destruction of any social vehicles remaining that could shelter the population through the foreseen crumbling. Those with wealth fled south and across the two oceans where the storm had yet to reach, and perhaps with luck would bypass altogether. Those hopes were built on narcissistic unrealities from an inbred perception of superiority and invincibility. Nature does not give a damn how rich and influential you are. Their food, water, and life sustaining materials would run out and along with those essentials their security personnel would begin to drift off after taking whatever they could steal. The inevitable conclusion of a capitalist society is perhaps the ugliest imaginable way to terminate an empire. In comparison the end of Rome's era of world dominance looks like the closing of a shopping mall. In a nation where millions of lethal weapons stock the shelves of millions of stores and anyone with a few dollars can obtain one regardless of their mental maturity, one can, and should, expect the worst. Violence is bred into the American culture, baked into the apple pie. But there is no more apple pie because there are no more apples. The soil is depleted to the point where nothing will grow. Strains of incurable bacterial infections are the result of overuse of antibiotics in cattle feed. Storms are strengthened to unheard of extremes because of warmer ocean waters on the coastlines. CO2 levels in the atmosphere grow exponentially as methane gas is released from the northern hemisphere permafrost. There is bad news and worse news to choose from. New York City has just seen its first tsunami. Wall Street will soon be a scuba diver attraction if there is anyone left to scuba dive. A being from the future arrived recently on a military base. He was interrogated and the video of his interrogation was smuggled out and released over the internet. He looks unlike any living being from this world. His skin is dark and thick, smooth, yet many folds crease the skin all over his naked body; it is a male, the same anatomical structure as ours though he is much shorter and hairless. He speaks a foreign tongue but has some knowledge of the English language. He communicates in short sentences only. He has traveled to our time to research the end of mankind. He has come from a future two million years from now. He doesn't have much to say it seems.

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