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by Paul
Rated: E · Short Story · Comedy · #2172254
He’s a bit different, but only one woman sees it.
“Hey, Steve, how you doin’ tonight?”

“Great, Bill, what can I get you?”

“A scotch and soda, no ice ... you feelin’ Good? You look different.”

“I feel fine. Anything else?”

“Nah, I’m good. You sleep well last night?”

“Slept fine, Bill. Hey, Danny, how are you this evening?”

“Great, Steve, just a glass of soda, my stomachs not feeling good. What’s up? You look different.”

“That’s What Bill said.”

“Yeah. Hi, Danny, hows it hangin’? Somethin’ is different about Steve.”

“Hi, sweetheart. Hi, Steve, you look different tonight. A new haircut? Somethings not the same.”

“Hi, Jay, you’re beautiful as always. Danny’s a fortunate guy ... Uhh, you guys better get a room.”

“I just kissed him.”

“Yes, but watching it curled my toes.”

“Come on, Danny, lets dance so we can touch without the prudes commenting.”

“You guys have fun. Hi, Gloria, what’ll it be tonight?”

“A glass of that cheap white wine you keep, it doesn’t give me headaches. What’s different? You don’t look the same ... you look different for some reason.”

“Every one keeps telling me that. Maybe some one will eventually tell me why.”

“Hey, Serina, What can I get for you?”

“Steve, how are you? A ginger ale. Wow, you look different without your mustache. How about a kiss to try it out?”

“Son of a b..., he did shave it off! Why?”

“It’s a pain to take care of and it gets in the way. Excuse me, I have to fill an order. Okay, Serina, behind the bar or out front?”

“Right here ... mmm, that was okay, but I want a kiss, not a peck ... mmm, mmm, mmm, now ‘That’ was a kiss. How about dinner tomorrow?”

“Uhh, Okay. Where”

“My house.”

“Damn, Steve, you are one lucky dude.”

“Fortunate, Bill, not luck.”

Note (not in word count): This actually happened to me when I ran a country club and tended the bar. The dialog is as accurate as I can remember, but at least 9 of my every day more sober customers asked me that question before one woman noticed. She did kiss me and hers is the only name I’m sure of. The invite to dinner is a fantasy addition of mine. I never messed with customers.
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