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Late night and no sleep. My protagonist can not turn off his brain.
What Else Can Go Wrong?

Tyler was beginning to come to the conclusion he really was a "worry wort" as his grandmother called him. Depsite his annoyance at his inability to fall asleep, he smiled. Such an dated turn of phrase, "worry wort". But he had to admit, it was true nonetheless. The clock at his bedside read 2:15 am. If he hadn't known better, he would have thought that the offending timepiece was taunting him.

He was starting to entertain the thought that he would not be able to solve the puzzle left to him by his grandfather. He had set a deadline for himself. A self-imposed headache yes, but he didn't want to have the puzzle solving compete with a thesis deadline in school. Perhaps he was a bit to over confident in his abilities to wrap things up before school started. He had thought to be making some headway. But for every answer he thought he had found, more questions arose. He could not help but think that he was overlooking something that should be really obvious. Then there was the Bishop issue. What in the world was the man after? Did he really plant someone on his staff to snoop around Tyler's affairs and the family property? But the biggest worry right now was getting up the nerve to ask Catriona for a date. He knew she had a lot of friends from her school, but was unsure if she and any one of the guys were dating.

Since the funeral, she a been a big help to him. Helping with the research in the family journals, and lending an ear when he needed to talk. When he had spent the day learning about the sheep ranch side of the family business, he was impressed and amazed at her knowledge and competence. He was also pleasantly surprised at the business she ran, The Blue Ewe. She had quite a clientele for her hand spun yarns and her classes in knitting and crochet. Everyone one of her clients went out of their way to sing her praises to Tyler, much to Catriona's embarrassment and Tyler's amusement. He pretended not to notice that the group was trying to play match maker and were being none to sublte about it. The sheep ranch had belonged to his grandmother's family and when she married Jason, the two properties merged.

Catriona and Tyler grew up together, and after high school they drifted apart. He attended college in Winchester and she went further south to school in Georgia. When Tyler had started dating Mara Haines, the distance between them grew very pronounced. They stayed friends but the friendship was cool. When Mara had broken his heart with her callous treatment of him, his grandparents were secretly happy that the relationship had soured and did not hesitate to let him know it.

Catriona, true to form, had been there for him then too. It was during those times of sharing his story and her lack of judgemental behavior, that he started looking at her in a different light. Gone now are the blinders that only let him see her as his childhood friend and confidant. He was more that a bit fascinated by her and wondered why he never noticed those feeling before. What was wrong with him? Worse yet,
was he too late in the game to show any interest in her? He groaned thinking that perhaps she thought the same thing, "What was wrong with him". Would she turn him down if he asked her out? There was so much about her that he really did not know. He realized he didn't know her as well as he thought he did.

He rolled over to face the wall and to stop staring at the clock. He needed to get some sleep. Otherwise, he would be falling asleep over dinner, assuming she agreed to go. Right before he drifted off to a fitful sleep, he saw the reflection of the clock in the window. A brief thought flashed in his mind before his eyes closed. Something about fixing the clock.

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