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We all want to fit in - be normal - but what does that mean? A Cliff Hanger Entry

“Muuuhaaahaaa,” Dracula shouted, jumping out from the shadows.

“Timmy!” Sarah said, “stop being silly.”

Crestfallen, Timmy went back into the shadows to await his next victim.

Sarah looked around the room. She enjoyed coming to parties but her excitement about Halloween was … different.

Julie, dressed as a pirate princess – or maybe it was a witch of some sort - came over to her. “I don’t understand why you don’t get scared,” Julie said. “It’s the Halloween season; you know, Frankenstein, the Werewolf, Vampires! All the great monsters. Not to mention… ghosts!” She drew the last word out, trying to make it spooky.

Sarah feigned a yawn. “It’s not real.”

“Well, you never know …”

“Yes, I do. It’s just silly. If there were real monsters, I’m sure they wouldn’t be here,” she laughed. “I’m pretty sure they’d stay hidden and, if they were here, I’m sure they’d never say ‘muuuhaaahaaa!’”

Julie joined in her laughter. “Yeah, you’re probably right.” With a wave of her hand, she headed into the crowd of kids.

Sarah shook her head. Yeah, Julie. I really do know. My father is a vampire. He is a pretty normal guy; not the ‘I vant your blood’ kind. The thought of her family made her smile. Mom’s a lycanthrope and pretty normal too. Still, they do have their quirks. She giggled at the thought.

What she couldn’t share with Julie was that Halloween was the only time of the year that she felt “normal.”

Grinning, she melded into the melee of kids, moving toward the refreshment table set up under the sign that read “Blood Bank.” As she pushed her way through the throng, movement at the window caught her eye. She stopped. In the stark moonlight, she saw a wolf’s head pop up and she knew it was her little brother following her.

Damn! He’s not supposed to be out tonight! She headed for the doorway, hoping to head him off before…

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Prompt: Write a story that includes the words: “Halloween, Witch, Ghost, Vampire, Frankenstein"
Word Limit: 1000
Word Count: 372
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