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A piece on an absurd thought that I have always pondered upon: are emotions measurable?
"There remains a constant amount of happiness in the universe at all times"
It's a law I'd like to say I created,
But I'm sure I'm not that prodigal child of the world
All laws alike, its inverse holds true;
There is a constant amount of sadness circulating this universe too

It's invigorating and enthralling,
Unnerving (at times);
But most often, it is melancholic
When happiness is created for one
Another should endure it

Now it seems I'm paying my debt
For my nostalgic merriment,
'Tis only fair, for my life caused some lament
In some life oceans away

Now it seems I'm paying my debt
For all my happiness has been spent
'Tis only true, for my being stands a receptacle
For misery misplaced

I feel a tinge, unknown,
(I fear to give it a name
And unknowingly rob an innocent of his glorious day)
When I create a smile or grin
On a dear one's face

And hope, clenching my heart,
All laws alike, exceptions do weigh in
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