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Everyone needs their own retirement, female too.
I've noticed many people, both friends and family, can't retire at 62 years old. I'm talking about the regular folks not on disability either like myself. My disability was like an early retirement compared to some that don't even have that.

In order to just make ends meet some have to work after the age of 62. It is not extra money either for a nest egg. There is no nest egg for some. Part of the reason being that their spouse didn't work for a retirement for the future.
Some couples have single incomes for the most part.

Usually a man's income is good for the family until retirement age hit him. At that time the wife doesn't contribute to income always leaving a void. Then, it is hard for the husband to make ends meet some of the times. It is the wife with a little work history that is at fault.

It is the responsibility of everyone to plan for the future as in retirement if not already on disability. Everyone has to contribute to Social Security to get benefits for both the ill and healthy. Some women leave all the responsibility to the man's income for themselves. This has shortcomings for the man in later life.

It is the end of the one income couple now a days for some unless you are very fortunate in wealth. The husband's retirement sometimes doesn't cut it for wife's upkeep too. There has to be more of a contribution from her to help the husband along the way into old age.

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