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by shygun
Rated: E · Script/Play · Children's · #2172415
A children moralistic playlet
The class teacher coming into the classroom as all the pupils rise up to greet:
TEACHER : Good morning, I am here to mark our attendance for the morning. But before, I go on, let me tell you that it is not good to keep bad companies. The friends you move with can influence you to be a good or a bad person.
BADE : (standing up) So we must not keep bad friends.
TEACHER : Yes, it is not good to move with bad friends, Is that clear to all of you.
PUPILS : (chorus as they all stand up) Yes sir.
The teacher leaves first, then the pupils too.

In a sitting room, Bade’s father sitting down as there is a knock on the door from outside.
FATHER : Who is it? (pause for few seconds) Ok o, the person should come in if he cannot answer.
Bade enters the sitting room with his school bag at his back.
BADE : Good afternoon, Sir. (He greeted without looking up)
FATHER : (Angrily) Welcome, where are you coming from?
BADE : From school, sir. (He said frightened)

FATHER : Huh, huh, you are just coming from school? By this time of the day! So this is how you use to come back home late.
The father shouted at him angrily and started beating him as he pushed him inside the room.

At a road side space, Bade and some boys bending down playing dice.
BADE : Hurray I won, I won, give me my money.
BOY 1 : No way, you did not win Bade, you lost the game.
BADE : No, I did not. It is you that lost.
BOY 2 : Bade you lost, you are a liar.
BADE : Shut up your mouth. (Bade said as he rushed to the boy and they started fighting.)
A police officer approach the group and one of the boys ran away, with the police grabbing Bade and the remaining boy.
POLICE : Why are you people fighting? Ooh, ooh, I see, you are playing dice. When you are supposed to be in school. I will take you to the station. (The police grab them and push them to move) O ya move, silly boys.

The headmaster, the teacher, Bade’s father consoling the mother, all in front of the house.
MOTHER : (Wailing) haa haa egba mi o, he did not use to stay out till this time of the day o.
HEADMASTER : Mama we are going to see him, he cannot get lost. He only went out playing. He was not in school throughout today.
FATHER : Huh, huh, you see now. You know I had been telling you to keep an eye on this boy. Do you see it now?
TEACHER : Let us top all these. The best thing now is to start searching for him before it is too dark.
HEADMASTER : But let us first move to the police station to lodge a complaint first.
FATHER : That’s right. Please let us do that right away.
They all walked out hurriedly.

In a police station, a policeman at the counter as Bade’s parents, the teacher and the headmaster enter.
HEADMASTER : Good evening sir.
POLICE : Good evening. What can I do for you?
FATHER : We are here to lodge a complaint about a missing boy.
POLICE : A missing boy!
MOTHER : Yes, a missing boy. His name is Bade Akintunde.
POLICEMAN : Do you say Bade?
TEACHER : Yes, Bade!
POLICEMAN : Wait here I am coming.
The police officer stands up and goes inside. Later, he emerges with Bade who he pushes inside.
POLICE : Is this the boy you are looking for?
MOTHER : (Rushing to his side excitedly) Yes, it is him. Bade, what are you doing here?
HEADMASTER : Sir, what did he do? Why is he here?
POLICE : He was arrested along with another boy on the street around 4:00 o’clock fighting over money from gambling.
FATHER : (looking shocked) You Bade! (shaking his head) What a shame?
Bade looking down shamefully, as he can not look up to his parents’ face.
POLICE : Anyway, we have been trying to get across to his father through his phone number but we have not been successful.
FATHER : (frantically searching his pocket.) Ha, ha, I am sorry; I had left my phone at home.
POLICE : It is alright, you can take him home now. But warn him to stay away from bad companies.
FATHER : Thanks so much, sir. Stupid boy, let’s go home. (He shoved him forward)
They all walked out of the station.
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