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Remembering times of my distant past in comparison to today.
Ask anyone who has reached that certain age if they are better off than their parents were. In this age when refined etiquette and dapper sophistication are sadly missing one who has attained that milestone of longevity many would be hard pressed to say that they are better off than their parents. The golf cart reality of my generation long for the days of all those yesteryears of long ago. Now, more than a half century latter we find ourselves perplexed, filled with bewilderment of how things have turned upside down.

When I was a young man many of the hopes and dreams I had were diminished by circumstances beyond my control. It is truer today than ever before. Now, that I am an old man with brittle bones I have little hope for those who are just starting out that their hopes and dreams materialize. The world today is filled with tremors of impending disasters. For those impoverished millions their cries of anguish have always falling on deaf ears. Though, I consider myself lucky to have weathered the storms of life. I have aged with some dignity and grace. But, in all my years I am truly saddened by what I see around the world today. For those who could affect change to improve our quality of life too often fall short.

For all that man has accomplished in the fields of technology, medicine and science millions the world over have yet to be beneficiaries of all that man has developed. Too often the greed of man diminishes the chances that others could reap the benefits of all that man has invented. It never ceases to amaze me that when opportunities to negate the carnage that man and nature continues to inflict those that can influence the changes necessary for the betterment of mankind are too self absorbed in their own greed to implement the reforms and policy directives that would elevate everyone's quality of life.

It is in these October years of my life that many of us find it increasingly more difficult jut to make it through another day. I have witnessed great ideals flourish only to have them wither and die on that vine of lost opportunities. The moral compass that guided this nation ever since our founding has been trampled on by a nation that is now so divided. Divided by leaders who continue to defy that moral compass that steadied this nation for over 200 years and through two world wars.

October of 2018 marked a low point in Americas history. It only reaffirmed the tragedy of the past two years of an Administration that has transformed Americas greatness to one of corruption and intimidation. For all virtues that we have held dear in the past have been striped away by a political process that has become even more corrupt. Never before have we seen such a reversal of fortunes at such an alarming pace. The four principles of our founding Liberty, Justice, Morality, and Education have all been trampled on by our leaders of political expediency and a President who cares not for truth, justice and the American way.

As October gives way to November I can only hope that November of 2018 will bring about the changes we so desperately need. What many of us fear is that an opportunity to effect change will only continue the status-quo. And, for millions their hopes and dreams will continue to wither and die from a self serving government and President. If that happens the America that our grand fathers and fathers knew will become unrecognizable and our world will forever be darkened. For those of us that long for those carefree days of a time where so many fond memories were made we continue to survive in hopes that better days are not to far ahead.
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