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by TL
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A poem about aging and reflection
I met an old lady, today at her home,
She told me her pain and said "sorry to moan"
I said "don't be silly, tell me what's wrong?"
She said it's a story, I warn you, it's long.

"You see, it was Christmas, that's where it began,
The grandchildren were here, together they sang.
I was alone in the kitchen cooking the dinner,
The lights they shone, glitter and shimmer.

When the turkey was cooked, I shouted "It's ready!"
The family came through, telling my husband "go steady ... "
The old man before me struggled to walk,
He shuffled to the table and picked up his fork.

In that moment, I remembered who we once were,
Our lives at our feet, no worries to bare.
We would walk through the streets, singing and cheer ...
Our plans and aspirations, nothing to fear.

The church bells would ring and the snow it would fall,
Yes, we had snow then! We had it all.
But all of a sudden, everything changed,
Our children were busy, the day they'd arranged.
I cooked a dinner, for just him and me.
We watched television, he struggled to see.
The house was so quiet, I thought "they'll come soon"
Whilst the vicar, he preached to a half empty room.

It was becoming more clear, that things weren't the same,
He thanked me for dinner, but had forgotten my name.

That night I shed, a tear or two,
I saw it was over, the life we once knew.
The young couple we were, silly in love ...
Invincible, brave, ignorant, true."

"Where is he now?" I asked with a tear
"Oh sweetheart, he died this time last year".
"I said "I'm so sorry, what can I do?"
She said "just remember me, as this will be you"

"The places you travel, the laughs that you share,
Will one day be nothing but a memory to bare.
I'm telling you this, because I like you, you see!
I want you to appreciate, all that you be.

Enjoy the walks, on the cold winter's day
Embrace your children, and all that they say.
Tell them you love them, tell them you're sorry
Don't be too proud, to admit that you worry.
Just remember that tomorrow is not promised
Don't be like me, sad of opportunities missed.

Oh look at me, taking all of your time!
You're busy I know, your time is not mine.
I said "will you be ok, here on your own?"
She laughed and said "darling, I'm not one to moan!"
It's been nice to talk, but there are others to see,
Just remember that one day, you will be me."

A couple of weeks later, I heard on the phone,
The lady had died, in bed, alone.
What struck me the most was the night before,
She'd set up the table like a vision she saw.
2 plates, 2 glasses and a bottle of red
And as she turned off the lights, she said "Merry Christmas, Ted".

It was July when this happened, but I guess you could say,
Time for her stopped, on that Christmas day.
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