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by Jcosta
Rated: E · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2172650
A 16 year old rebellious teen get shrunk and punished by mom
Sally had just recently had her 16th birthday and been really mouthy to her mother soon thereafter. In the following weeks it got worse. Her mother soon couldn't stand it anymore and decided a punishment of shrinking would best suite her. One night while sally is sleeping her mom comes in and shrinks her. She then picks her up gently trying not to wake her. She brings her into the bathroom sets her on the counter while she drops her pants.sally hadn't woken yet so she takes sally and shoved her up her ass. Soon sally will awake and learn her terrible fate. A few hours later sally awoke to a foul smell and found herself sitting in a butt. She didn't know who's she was in but it smelled and stunk like poopy. A few hours later her mom goes poop and out pops aislinn into the toilet she. Her mom stands up after wiping picks up sally and says I think its time you get put in a diaper. Sally was terrified as her mom carried her downstairs to the bathroom where there was an unused package of Huggies diapers on the shelf. Her mom takes one places her inside of it then drops her pants and urinates all over the diaper. After she looks at sally who is terrified she says sally enjoy ur warm wet prison. After you are going to be fed to the horses and come out in some poopies. She then takes the diaper rolls it up and brings it up to her bedroom sets it in the corner by the trash can where she can keep an eye on it. Sally was in her pee pee diaper prison for at least a week. The diaper was starting to get musty and stink really bad. All of a sudden the diaper lifts off the ground sally can tell it's being carried somewhere. A few minutes later the diaper unrolls and sally is staring into the face of her older brother John' who has a thing for shrunk people. He says we'll mom wasn't lying I think we are going to have some fun. He carries her in the diaper out to the barn and lets the horse swallow her whole. After she is pooped out a week later her brother John finds her and takes her to his room for play time. Sally stares up at his as he dropped his pants revealing his big hard dick. Get ready for fun he says we'll fun for me.
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