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Rated: E · Fiction · Emotional · #2172680
While cleaning up a playground, a group of kids come across a very weird object.
Mrs Robeson noticed that her 6th grade class did not intereact with each other as much as she would've liked. She decided that giving them a challege involving them working together to clean up a playground just might solve the problem. The class was half black and half white and they intereacted only among their own race. The challenge was to put them in groups of black and white so that they would be forced to communicate with each other. Mrs. Robeson was a product of an interracial marriage and she was determined to have them communicating with each other. She told them that the clean up would mean extra credit in class and a small prize.

Monday morning class started and the children were put into groups of 4. Two black and two white kids formed a group. Even with the somewhat eagerness among the kids, Mrs. Robeson could still see how uncomfortable the groups were with each other. They went down the street to the playground and started working together as she sat and watched.

As the morning passed on, one of the students named Jacey found a shiny gold object shaped like a star that had a bright red circular glow in the middle. The glow in the middle looked like a button of some sort. Jacey pressed the button and vanished from the group. The rest of the group called Mrs. Robeson and the other kids over to see what had happened. Jacey disappeared but the button lay on the ground. The kids were panicked and talking among themselves when Mrs. Robeson assured them that all would be fine. You see, Mrs. Robeson was a part of a magical act in town and she used a few tricks to make it look as though Jacey had disappeared. Jacey was a part of the plan and it worked. The kids were scared out of their minds, talking to one another and actually respecting one another's presence. All of this occurred of course after they told Mrs. Robeson exactly how they felt about her prank. But all ended well and Mrs. Robeson was well on her way to having the the well balanced classroom that she longed for since the beginning of the school year.
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