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by Triv
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A flash fiction tale on someone committing a robbery
The jungles were thick with undergrowth and dense trees. The crickets chirped in uniform cacophony. Dampness ruled the paths.

Moonlight cast a halo on the tableau playing out below. There were nine people in the group marching silently on the single narrow strip of mud. That was the only human access.

Devi raised her hand and her followers halted on the signal. Lights of the town filtered through the trees as they neared the edge of the clearing.

A light drizzle made way to a rain that wasn’t heavy but made progress slow. Devi’s eyes narrowed as she took in the bursts of firecracker lights from the town’s festivities. Memories flooded back and strengthened her resolve.

Like shadows, the nine coalesced on the money lender’s office. The pot-bellied security guard put up no resistance and was out cold before he realized what was happening.

Makarand disabled the cameras and the flimsy excuse for a lock stood no chance as the nine slid in.

Flawless practice showed in the execution. They were in and out in less than ten minutes.

Devi took one last look and lit the fuses. She watched in satisfaction as the building contributed to the fireworks around.

The next morning, Ramoji Seth faced a pile of rubble and ashes. No words escaped as he attempted to reconcile to the reality.

As dawn broke, cheers emanated from different homes. The land deeds that Ramoji had fiercely guarded were back with the people. His days of power and illegal control were over.

From the forest, Devi allowed herself a smile. The pain was still raw after all these years. Her father’s body hanging from the rafters were imprinted in her brain.

At least now, Ramoji would never ruin another family’s life.
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