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How we fell in love and how I am still holding on by a thread.
We started falling for each other even without us knowing when we didn't even know what love was. The universe made us cross paths and we make friends in unlikely circumstances. To this day, people ask us how we became friends in the first place.

It's true we lost touch from time to time but we always found our way to each other. Time played us over and we ended by with different people beside us but that never stopped us from being in each others lives. To this day we are always found our way to each other no matter what the future holds.

Back then we never exchanged our feelings, we never talked about it but it was always right in front of us. We always had that cloud of feeling looming around. But later even if we did end up with different people we started to acknowledge the feeling that was unspoken all this time and it felt freeing. That was how cruel time was to us, when we were free we never talked but then later on it become something we couldn't not talk. We became too bold with our feelings that maybe it wasn't right. Well how can it be right? How fair was it to the respective partners but it did not stop us.

But then this happened, I have fallen for you much more than I can handle alone and even though I know you love me too you have a funny way of showing it. And I can't be the only one hurting. I love you but I deserve more, I deserve the love he gives me without condition. Right now with you I feel so alone. You let me down when I needed you the most and you let me down like no one ever has and it hurt. It hurt me more than I can take and I still cannot comprehend how you turned your back on me. I cannot be the one running behind I need you to show me that everything still hasn't changed. And if it has I want to talk about it and understand so that I can move forward.

I can never be angry with you even if we fall out now because no matter what my love for you will always be there without condition.

I loved you then and I will love you now and into the unforeseen.
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