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I was sitting in the balcony, gazing at the horizon with a cigarette in hand....
Restless, relentless, irrefutable ;
The hole in my gut today is bigger than ever.
I'm a dead man walking, inhaling the means to my end, enjoying it while it lasts.
There is a yellow tint on my fingers ;
Though faded, it has a smoky stench on it, makes me snort as i light another stick.
The candle on the window sill burns low, the wax damaging the very feet it stands on ;
the soot , it destroys everything above it.
A tiny dribble of sweat,
forms, combines, and trickles down from the forehead,
making me wince as it runs over the laceration on my cheek.
There is a salty taste on my tongue ;
Whether it's the guilt or the blood - i know it not.
It gives me a perverted enjoyment nonetheless.
I see your tear falling all around me, making me shiver, shrink , surrender...
I close my eyes in a guilt filled disgust, and there I see it-the darkness all around pulling me in its embrace ; the dark stallion.
There's an appeal to it, a dark seduction of the hereafter.
Whatever it is, I know it not.
The candle is burnt.
The tint has faded.
My mouth is arid.
I'm drowning.... Being pulled by the stallion.
So as to where, i know it not.
-- ssingh.
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