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Rated: E · Short Story · Family · #2173001
What is life like for an image stuck on a car window?
"Invalid Item prompt: image of a stick figure family (complete with dog)

I am the reflection of your eyes where I live in my car window. I feel you blinking at me. All you may see is a family of stick figures glued to the glass. I see everything around me wherever you take me. You, in particular, amuse me with your vacant and fleeting smile. What memory or hope flickers in your eyes at the sight of me.

My family of thoughts are transparent. Each of us agrees, never argues, fights, or runs away from what we face together. Your own mind seems murky with worry and cast off wishes with each thought tumbling around you. We know who we are, what symbol of happiness we stand for.

Forgot your keys, did you? Not going anywhere that way, are we? Peering around through us to see if you left them on the seat? You are forever forgetting yourself and what you want to do, striving to get somewhere else than where you are.

It is why you placed us here in your window, you know. To remind you where happiness is, in the arms of your family.

We feel your hand caress us like a silent prayer, fingers touching, tracing what we offer. No, we are not much in the way of artwork. Never claimed to be. Just an image in a window reminding you to call home when you need help or just a hug. Do it. Stop staring, why don't you?

If you are ever going to get this car opened and on the road again you’ve got to stop mind twirling. Right now you need a helping hand with a set of keys in it and the hug they bring along. We are just an image in a window. We will still be here for next time you need a reminder of where the important things in life are hidden out of immediate view.
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