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A love story of two teens from two different worlds
Ella was terrified. Clare then pulled out a gun from her pocket and pointed it at Ella. When she pulled the trigger, her brother suddenly came and stopped her. The only injury Ella got was a small scrape of the bullet on her hand, due to the sudden shock she fainted on the ground. When this was happening, Ken was searching for her near the school and heard the gunshot and came running as fast as he can and found Ella on the ground unconscious.
He rushed her to the hospital and informed his father. When Ella was sleeping on the bed, he confessed his love to her and hugged her. After a few hours, Ella woke up and Ken immediately hugged her again. A little later, Ella said that she saw an impossible dream of him confessing his love to her and laughed. Ken remained silent for a minute and said it was real. Hearing this, Ella started crying and both of them became a couple.
A few days later she got discharged and went home. Ella felt a bit sad since she missed her parents and she was asleep when Jacob visited her. When they reached home, everything in the house was really arranged and when she opened the door to her room, her family came out and surprised her. As she was enjoying the surprise party, Ken surprised her with some flowers. Though they only have been a couple for a few days, Ken felt that she was the one for him and she felt the same.
Ella's birthday was on January 18 so Jacob arranged a huge birthday party for her. During her party, everyone except Ken gave Ella presents and wished her. She was a little sad that her boyfriend forgot her birthday but she didn't complain because he had been really busy for a couple of days due to his 'work'.
In the middle of the party, the electricity suddenly went out and since it was nighttime everyone was unable to see. When the lights came back on three members were on the stage which included Ken. He started singing a song he wrote for her and wished her a happy birthday. He then said "you must have forgotten about your dream but I never did, so Ella would you like to be my happily ever after and it would be an honor if you could accompany me to my new house in the U.S. Ella's eyes filled with tears of happiness and screamed "YES". They moved to the U.S and Ella became a famous singer and Ken became the CEO of a gaming company. Clare was arrested for attempted murder and kidnapping. Jacob moved to the U.S along with Ella's parents. And they lived happily ever after.
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