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Frantic poem about evil that never sleeps
The red devil dances in the candlelight,
Laughing in his madness at the world's cruel plight.
Hooves clatter as he gambols to infernal tunes:
Screaming souls on burning coals howl anguished croons.

Hooves clacking, stone cracking,
Spinning faster without slacking.
Vile cackling, fire crackling,
Victims begging for unshackling.

There's no greater torment than suffering from Man.
Spreading pain for self-gain simply because he can.
He's listening to the whispering of evil in his heart,
Plotting, prodding, pushing him to tear his life apart.

Heart-stricken, hate-sicken,
Hell's corruption starts to thicken.
Knives slashing, blood splashing,
Can you feel that poor soul thrashing?

I beg of you dear reader; never stop the fight!
Resist those seething needs, sowing seeds of sour spite.
Banish them before the lurking malice leaves its mark,
Best beware: the devil ever dances in the dark...

Ever prancing, thoughts entrancing,
Dark influence starts enhancing.
Be preventive, stay attentive,
Evil can be quite inventive...
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