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Day 30 NaNo Prep Challenge Assignment
Follow-up Interview Notes

Kathleen McNamara

Reporter: Brady Carlisle, Sports Columnist and Reporter-at-Large for
The Clarke County Register, Clarke County, VA

Interviewee: Tyler Karsline, Owner/Operator of Alnwick Manor and
Roscairn Vineyards

Brady: A couple of weeks ago, you were handed a box of centuries old clues and a deathbed request from your grandfather. It has been a rough go of if for you and your family for the past week, how are you doing right now?

Tyler: Looking forward to a quiet week at the B & B planning the holiday festivities at Alnwick and Roscairn. After that, I have some time to start researching the family tree. Seems there is a bit of family history that needs to be explored. And last but not least, satisfied that Bishop will no longer be causing problems for my family and me.

Brady: Any plans for a trip to Scotland and the Orkney Islands?

Tyler: Yes. But when I go, history lessons will not be the main reason.

Brady: Oh! Anything you care to share?

Tyler: Not right now. Still working out a few details.

Brady: Have you received any response from the labs that are testing the
journal pages and the chess set itself?

Tyler: I have been told that it will take some time to verify the ink and the paper compositions. As for the chess set itself, the Smithsonian has expressed interest in displaying the chess set. The Vatican has tried to make it known that they are the owners and want it back.

Brady: Really? Adding fuel to the fires of legend?

Tyler: Piqued my interest, it did.

Brady: Getting back to history. Any plans to feature some of the family story in the tours you conduct at the winery?

Tyler: For the time being, more of the part that the family played in the Civil War and Prohibition eras than ties to the Sinclair family and their nebulous ties to the past.

Brady: You doubt those connections?

Tyler: Oh no, quite the contrary. It is just that those connections have been obscured by the passage of time. Myths and legends perpetrated by those searching for answers and by those just as determined that answers are found by those chosen to know.

Brady: Your family was one of those chosen to know?

Tyler: So it would seem.

Brady: Just knowing that, don’t you want to learn more?

Tyler: About my family, yes. About any other ties to the old legends, no. I have had enough of legends and lost treasures to last me for a while.

Brady: Okay, more about you. A degree in Education and History were your original goals. Now that the Manor and Roscairn are your inheritance, will you change you focus in your final years at college?

Tyler: Not at all. All summer long I have been working on projects that will incorporate the area history in our business. Thanks to my grandfather, I now have a lot more ideas to bring to life.

Brady: I hear that the phone at Alnwick is ringing off the hook. I guess you will be quite busy in the coming weeks.

Tyler: You could say that. We will probably stay that way, at least until the novelty of the piece of lost treasure of the Knights begins to fade.

Brady: And you are certain you will not want to start pursuing those tenuous family ties of yours?

Tyler: Yes, I am sure. Chasing ghosts of the past nearly got Ms. Lyall and myself a date with the undertaker. Now if you will excuse me, Brady, the only connection I intend to pursue tonight is with Catriona. Thanks so much for all of your help in taking down Bishop last week.

Brady: No, I should be thanking you! The story of Bishop’s downfall and this interview are going a long way in raising my standing in the editor’s eyes. I got my own promotion as a result thanks to you.

Brady: Somehow I think any stories I write will be pretty dull. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Tyler: Nope, I’ve no more tales to tell.

Brady: Them where can I find more stories that need to be told?

Tyler: Maybe schedule an interview with History.

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