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The giantess, goddess of creation abuses her power at school, part 2.
Eva was at her desk, just like any other teenager studying for her upcoming exams. It was mainly just to hide her identity though. As she's a potential runner-up to the Goddess of creation, she has to learn how to live among her fellow servants, called 'humans'. She could poof human life in and out of existence in a flash, any way, any form, any size...

"Okay, time for trigonometry...... done. What now?"

She didn't have to study for anything, cause she had all the knowledge of the humans already stored up in her brain. But being that smart can be kinda boring. Eva looked over on her desk and saw a package of chewing gum, something the humans 'invented'.

"Gum...Chewing.....Humans..... Crea-ted.... OH!"

She suddenly had a rush going through her head and an amazing idea as the air started the vibrate around her hands. In a matter of seconds a planet, just like earth got created.

"Awesome, and now for a few people...." As she was working her magic, the planet got inhabited by hundreds, thousands, millions and eventually billions of people.

The people looked up into the sky, just to see the face of the beautiful shining young gal. she snapped her fingers as a protective barrier got created over the entire planet. Not much longer, she gobbled the planet up and started chewing it, the elasticity she put in the dirt and rock made it just like gum.

"Hmm delicious!"

The humans were crushed by the massive teeth, but remained alive, all thanks to the elasticity inside their flesh. In the end though, it wasn't a pretty sight at the planet and its inhabitants started shapeshifting along with her rythmic chomps.

Eva's saliva eventually ended up filling the cracks of buildings and even the bodies of the humans. In a few minutes, the planet was 50% saliva and the humans had more spit in their body than blood.

She got the gum out of her mouth to stretch with it for a bit, seeing the billions of people getting torn apart and yelling out of the pure pain she was causing. Eva couldn't help but laugh though.

"You're all worthless though, I can end you all in a second, and make you all reappear in a second. You're just here so I'm bored, believe it."

After putting the gum back into her mouth, her mind started going crazy. The realization that billions of people were at her mercy made her excited. Not much longer Eva started shuddering as she spawned in a planet inside her panties. It was located right on the top of her cock, the protected planet and its sprawling life were all tickling the tip. This rush and sensation made her go crazy and fully erect.


She got more and more excited, getting wetter by the moment. The people suffering and screaming as they were getting chewed up in her mouth and the millions of people being in direct contact with the tip of her cock, were making Eva reach her climax.

She started blowing a bubble to see how far she could stretch them out as her cock started ramming the planet against the panties, as her erection was almost cutting through it.

The planet of gum started to get wider and wider as the bubble started growing, the people getting popped open, not dying, but feeling endless pain until-

"-I--I'm cu--umm-ING"

Her voice started silent, but at the end it got high and loud. She lost focus as the protective shields dissapeared, leaving the humans defenseless.


Just like that, about 6 billion tiny people and a planet got blown to bits like a popped gum. As the sperm of her cock shot straight through the planet and leaked through her panties. The people who werent drowning the the cum, were blown into pieces.

"Oo...ooh... that was nice...aahn shit!"

She pulled her panties back and saw the mess she made. She took of her panties and threw them into a pile, being a goddess of creation, she created a new pair of panties on her crotch in a blink of an eye. Her old ones though... They were on top of the other 78 musky, cum-filled panties, clothes and socks.

"Time for some washing then *snap*"

She created a massive planet inside her massive pile of dirty laundry, having over 15 billion people!

"Clean that shit up, and make it snappy"

The humans started scraping off cum, sweat, grime and filth with their hands and mouths. And knowing that about 7 to 8 million people died per second from the stench and musk alone, the end of the planet was already sealed after their 'duty'.
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