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BLS CPR Certified, Experienced First Responder, Memo 1.
What to do when you see someone in shock is explained in simple explanation listed to help any body that may be in of medical attention. My objective is to briefly send a message that is understanding that you will be able to aide and help a person who has the symptoms of shock and to provide first basic aide.

As a First Responder at a Local Fire Department I am passionate about providing my basic skills and to share what I know.

*StarB* First thing to remember is to stay calm. *StarB*

You can not think or do anything rational if your all nervous.
Take a deep breath, think before you render aide.

D - DANGER. -Checking the scene for anything that could be a danger to both yourself and the victim.

R - RESPONSE. Is the victim unconscious?

S - SEND for help.

A - AIRWAY is the victim lying on the ground chest rising up and down. (AHA) AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION, suggest to look at the chest for rising or falling before providing breaths to unconscious victim.

B - BEWARE Sometimes large crowds can cause distractions to you and importantly victim. Calmly act crowds to step back behind so that you may have room to provide aide. Also if you are Medical train let First Responders or 911 know there is a crowd.

C - CIRCULATION Rapid pulse? Paler? Any bleeding? If shock is caused by severe bleeding, stop the bleeding etc. Are to tie or above in the middle located on extremities.

Try to think on your own pace and get visual of what is happening around you.

Check the scene upon entry!

Is there electrical? ⚡️
Falling objects. Include any obstruction that could cause bodily from the ceiling ⚠️.
Remember call for help even if you are only one there with the victim.

What to do for victim while their in shock is simple.
Lay them on the their side ... Roll the victim on their side.
It’s called the recovery position.
Purpose of the recovery position is to prevent vomit, blood, or any other matters coming out of mouth which is helping to prevent chocking.

Symptoms 👉 You can tell if a person is in shock skin is cool and their in cold sweats. Heart rate is fast.

If a person is in shock raise their feet above the heart level, head should be laying down.
Raise the feet to support blood flow to the heart.

Keep calm and know how long when ambulance will show keeps things calm between the victim and you. Usually 911 operators will let you know how long before Ambulance arrives to victim. The most effective way to help the victim is stay calm. Get their medical background if possible and name.

Author NOTE: This is Memo 1 and also a study guide for me to get my credential for first level EMT. This is also a guide to help others be educated to render aide.
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