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A rondeau poem about American politics and Congress written for Journey Through Genres.
Originally written for Journey Through Genres.

On Capitol Hill

On Capitol Hill, when decisions are made,
key Congressmen speak and opinions are swayed.
As lobbyists battle to pass their own bill,
a vote is a tradable good on The Hill
ensuring that everyone’s very well paid.

When Washington dodged musket bullets and prayed
and Franklin appealed to the French for their aid,
they dreamed there’d be justice and room for free will
on Capitol Hill.

These days, do our chosen achieve the same grade
or leave their constituents feeling betrayed?
While Senators scheme with duplicitous skill,
Americans fight for their liberty still,
because the morality's sadly decayed
on Capitol Hill.

Line Count: 15
Word Count: 101
Form: Rondeau
Written in loose anapestic tetrameter with iambic substitution in the first foot of each line.

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