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A young woman continues to do a co workers job and gets no recognition for it.

I watched as Jolie continued to give Robert her ideas for his presentation. Jolie was fairly new to the firm and thought it best to go along to get along. We worked for a little advertising firm in Virginia and our boss Mr. Cairns was a beast when it came to landing accounts. We had a really good team with the exception of a few but overall, our company was a well oiled machine.

I never really understood why we had to give all of our good ideas to the boss to make him look good. We should’ve been able to present our own ideas but his name was on the company wall so we had no say.

It was one thing to give ideas to the boss but it was quite another to watch Jolie give away her ideas to Robert. Although it was none of my business, I came to work every day and had to watch that despicable man take credit for work that was not his. Jolie was a meek and mild mannered young woman and it angered me to see him take advantage of her every day.

One afternoon I saw Jolie sitting in the company cafeteria by herself. I bought my food and walked over to her table and took a seat. She kindly greeted me and we started to chat. I asked her why she insisted on giving all of her ideas to Robert. She said that he promised to share the recognition with her but never did. I asked then why continue to do it. She explained that he often had no ideas and she just felt sorry for him. I just shook my head, ate my food and then headed back to my desk.

As I took my seat and started to work, I overheard Robert talking to another employee. He bragged about how he had a silly little co worker who did everything he asked of her. He said he would continue to pick her brain for as long as he could. I turned around and looked at him while he continued to run his mouth. I then turned back around with disgust and continued to do my work.

Once in a while the boss would allow the person with the best presentation to show it to the client with him. So far Robert had been asked to do it on two occasions and both times Jolie created it for him.

The next morning the boss called a meeting in the main conference room. When everyone was seated he said that he had chosen, once again, another person to help with his presentation. Everyone looked around the room and back at the boss. He said that Robert’s presentation was outstanding and he was the chosen one. I looked into Jolie’s eyes and gave her a slight smirk. She looked at me and then looked away. She knew this wasn’t right but she didn’t have the nerve to speak up. I was furious!

The presentation was to take place at 6 p.m. that evening. The boss invited us to come but a lot of people went home. I decided to stay along with Jolie and a few others. I took my seat and waited patiently for the show to begin.

The clients walked in and took their seats on the opposite side of the room while Robert was busy setting everything up. Mr. Cairns finally took his place on the side of the room facing the clients and began to speak. He said a few words and then gave the floor to Robert. Robert started to speak and fumbled over his words. He didn’t seem to be familiar with the presentation.

As he continued to make a fool of himself Jolie jumped up and continued where he left off. She explained the presentation thoroughly and assured the clients that there were a lot more ideas where those came from. The clients had a short conference with the boss then left very happy.

Mr. Cairns looked at Robert with a bit of anger. The company could’ve lost an important client but thankfully Jolie saved the day. She knew the presentation inside and out because after all, it was she who created it.

After everything was done, Mr. Cairns called Jolie into his office to discuss new ideas and a possible promotion. There was no need to discuss Robert’s deception because he took care of that all by himself.

Moving forward, life at the firm became a lot more comfortable. The boss welcomed new ideas and gave everyone a chance to present with him. As for Robert, well, he was put on 6 months’ probation and Jolie is no longer giving her precious ideas to him. These days she’s heading a small department of her own and Robert is not a part of it.

I should’ve known that the outcome of this situation would be positive because after all, cheaters never win.

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