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A heart touching story of a girl's eighth birthday and the gift she received.
Once upon a time, there was a little girl that was preparing to celebrate her birthday. She was going to be eight years old. Her birthday was the following Saturday. Her Mother arranged a party at her home to celebrate. All her firends were coming over and she was certain that they would all bring presents. It was going to be a fun day.

As Saturday approached, her Mother asked all sorts of questions. What kind of cake did she want? Was there a special present she wanted? Who would she like to invite? All the little girl cared about was getting the one thing she had wanted ever since she was a little girl: a cat. A little orange and white Tabby, to be precise.

Thursday night, as her Mother and Father watched the weather report, the man on the television said that snow was a possibility for the weekend. The little girl told her Mother that they would have to keep the cat in the house until the snow melted. By Friday evening, the man on the television said that there could be several inches of snow on Saturday. The little girl resolved to "kitty proof" the house, since the cat wouldn't be allowed to go outside.

Saturday morning, her birthday, she awoke excited about the party. Once downstairs in the kitchen, the little girl's Mother said that it may snow too much for people to come to the party. The roads would be dangerous. The little girl held out hope that people would come to her party so that she could show them her new kitty. She just knew that her Mother would get her a cat since she knew how much the little girl wanted one. By lunch time, the snow had become a full fledged storm. She could hardly make out the road in front of her house when she looked through the window.

The party was to begin at two, but call after call was answered by her Mother. She always said the same thing: "Yes, she'll understand. No, no, don't think of trying to drive in this storm. I'll tell her. Than you for calling." The party, her eighth birthday, was cancelled. The little girl was heartbroken. Her only hope was that her Mother would give her the cat she wanted at two o'clock. As two o'clock came and went, the little girl asked her Mother if she was going to get her present at dinner. Her Mother said that she would get her present at the party, whenever it was re-scheduled.

That was the last straw that her burdened little heart could stand and the little girl ran crying upstairs to her bedroom. Her Mother tried to talk her in to coming back downstairs for dinner and was met with silence. After her Mother and Father had finished dinner, the little girl's Mother brought the cake upstairs to her bedroom. Her Mother and Father sang Happy Birthday to her, but she didn't blow out the candles. All she wanted was the little plastic kitten on the top of the cake.

The little girl fell asleep, clutching the little plastic kitten in her hand. As she slept, she dreamed of the kitten. It was orange and white, just as she had hoped. It was such a wee little thing, the little girl had to be very careful. In her dreams, the kitten grew, slowly at first then faster, into a full grown cat. They grew up together and became best friends. She told the cat all her secrets and the cat never told a single person what they were. They took walks to the park, walks through the woods behind her house and over to her Grandmother's house. They played with yarn and feathers together and fell asleep together every afternoon for a nap.As they grew, it seemed that the little girl could understand the cat. All she had to do was look in the cat's eyes. She could tell when the cat wanted to play or nap or just talk. And, as she dreamed, that cat became as real to her as reality is to you and me. That little girl loved her cat more than she could describe and the cat loved her the same way.

When she awoke the next morning, the little girl burst into tears because she wanted to stay with her cat. She was overwhelmed with sorrow at losing what they had. After she composed herself, the little girl went downstairs for breakfast. She didn't want to eat but her tummy was rumbly so she thought she'd have some toast with jam. As she entered the kitchen, her Mother turned toward her and asked if she had slept well. The little girl shed a tear for the cat that had existed only in her dream and told her Mother that she had a wonderful dream.

After hearing the little girl tell her about her dream, her Mother said that she and her Father had been talking about the little girl's present. Her Mother said that her Father had gone to get it from the shop. Her Mother explained that the present had already been purchased but her Father didn't want to take a chance of wrecking his car driving in such a storm. The little girl asked if it was safer to drive today that it was yesterday. Her Mother said that the car was snowed in but her Father had walked. The main streets had been cleared of the snow but their road had not.

The little girl brightened at the prospect of a present but was still sad about the party. She was hoping someone would give her a cat. Her little friend, Joey, had a cat that had had kittens and she was hoping for one of them, if her Mother didn't give her one. After toast with jam, the little girl went to the front room to sit and wait on her Father. She didn't know what type of gift they had purchased at the shop but she was sure she would love it. Father always gave great presents.

She sat, then looked out the window. She asked her Mother how long her Father had been gone. She went back to the front room and repeated the cycle over and over again until she saw her Father walking up the sidewalk to their house.
She ran to the front door and opened it as her Father was stamping snow from his boots. Her Mother came in and tried to calm the little girl's excitement. After her Father had taken off his boots and replaced them with slippers, and hung his overcoat in the hall closet, they all went to the kitchen.

The little girl was excited, of course, but her Mother lit the candles on the birthday cake and had the little girl make a wish. As soon as the candles were blown out, her Father said: "Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! I'm sorry I couldn't give it to you yesterday." The little girl ripped the paper off the box and inside was a kitten. It was orange and white and it looked exactly like the one in the little girl's dream. She gently took the kitty from the box and hugged it closely. She smiled at her Mother and Father through her tears and thanked them both for making this the best birthday ever.

After a moment, the Mother asked: "What are you going to name it?"

"Dream," said the little girl. "Sometimes dreams do come true!"
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