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A professor who doesn't like being questioned is confronted by his students.
Dr. Smith stood at the front of the classroom. The students in the front row were all leaning back. Everyone was watching him.

“Focus on bettering yourself.” he paused. Someone dropped a pencil in the back; everyone heard it hit the floor. He was like a Calvinist preaching fire and brimstone.

“You can’t hope to save the world.” He looked around the room.

“You would just cause harm,” he struck his hand on his palm, “Better yourself!” A student raised their hand. He stopped and stared at the offending student. The minutes ticked by. She kept her hand raised. He sneered at her purple hair.

“I give up, whatever your name is, put your hand down,” he turned his back, “I am trying to teach a class.” He moved back to the podium.

“Dr. Smith, if we can’t save the world then who can?” she asked.

“You are just a silly girl,” he said, “what do you know of the world?”

“That isn’t an answer,” someone said.

“Who said that!” Spittle flew from his mouth. He walked around the classroom looking at each person. More hands were raised.

“All of you put your hands down!” A few of the hands withdrew. He paced back and forth.

“I have worked here for 10 years. Never have I faced such insolence.” His face was turning red. He opened the door and looked out into the hallway. Bang! He shut the door and the students jumped. He looked around conspiratorially. The students expected him to start talking about Communist hiding in every corner.

“I’m going to have to punish you all for this.” He smiled for the first time.

“I’m going to dock you one letter grade on the next test.” No one said anything. Everything stood still. Then the girl with the purple hair got up and left. She was like the first few raindrops before a storm. Then the clouds burst and all the other students got up and left.

“Get back here.” He said to the empty classroom. Fewer and fewer students showed up to his classes as the days went by. He wrote about his experience and published it as an opinion piece. It was popular and he wrote more. Eventually, he got a book deal. The book came out to exceptional reviews and was soon a bestseller. He went on a book signing tour.

“I am being silenced!” he said upon a stage to a sold out venue. The cameras continued recording for posterity.
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