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by Rivin
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2173703
The 2nd chapter in the Terror-verse. Leave some feedback if you like, and I'll get better!

Chapter 2

"Oh, what the hell." I growled, awaking in an unfamiliar place. I was somehow standing, even though I had been laying down. In my bed. At my home. On Earth.

Because this is definitely not Earth.

Earth had never looked this grim and bleak.

I suppose it would be fairly accurate assumption to say I wasn't actually here, since the green rain simply splattered through my hollow body and onto the ashen grey floor. My entire body look and felt hollow, with only purple lines outlining my silhouette. I gave off no light even though the lines seemed to look like glow sticks, the colour somehow swishing when I took a step forward and backward, like a liquid.

A dream, then. I have had these before, though very uncommon. When I do get them, it's usually nothing more than me reviewing everything I had done throughout the day, and not... this.

I turned my full attention to my surroundings. I was in some sort of town square surrounded by broken and demolished metal, heaps of it scattered all around me unnaturally. Once probably proud and strong houses, reduced to scraps. Photo frames and weapons laid within the broken debris, and I turned a full circle, and my heart skipped a beat at what I saw.

Bodies. Hundreds of them, laid out on their backs with crimson blood trailing the still intact floor. I took a step back in shock, then tripped over a sharp piece of metal jutting out from the ground, falling to my back. I glanced down, expecting to see the metal stuck through my luck, but the metal simply passed through my hollow body and ignored me completely.

Something rumbled in the debris next to me. I scooted away fearfully, wondering where I was, and better yet, how to wake up from this dream. The bodies, all spread out like that... it made me sick. I didn't look at them any longer, and was instead trying to wake myself from this terrible dream, all the while watching the metal shift and move all on its own.

"There's one left here." I flinched at the voice coming from behind me, and I jumped up to face a person clad in armour from head to toe, a sci-fi looking rifle in his gloved hands. I studied him more closely, realizing his armour was quite literally created from yellow crystals, interwoven to form a design on his chest plate. An arrow with a glowing circle in the middle of the shaft.

His helmet resembled the helmets of the centurions in ancient Rome, but instead of an open faceplate, a one-way black glass pane hid his face behind the helmet. He looked exactly like how I would picture a future legionnaire from space.

Then more of these people flicked into existence behind him, each adorning the same armour and weaponry, until there were at least a dozen or two of them, watching the debris move itself apart. I wasn't watching the movement. Something about the arrow looked familiar, as if I were told it about every day, but just can't speak its name when I needed to. What was it?

A hand pierced through the metal plate covering the debris, and a woman looking to be in her mid-thirties pulled herself out, gasping in pain and shock from the amount of blood pooling at her sides. She didn't seem to see me, nor did the armour clad people, and her eyes widened with fear when she saw the men, their rifles raised and pointed at her menacingly.

"Please. Don't kill me..." The woman whispered softly, her dark eyes locking onto the first man pleadingly. "I have a husband and a child. A child." Then she seemed to remember something else, and turned around to dig at the hole from which she crawled out of. "My daughter. Rei!" She called, still frantically digging for her daughter while the men simply stared.

I didn't know their names, or their faces, but I already felt an immense amount of hatred for these people. They stared at the women trying to find her child, and did nothing to help. Absolutely nothing, except for keeping their guns trained on the women.

"Help me!" The women croaked, her throat dry from the amount of time she'd been under that debris. The first man shook his head, then punched the kneeling woman in the face. Blood exploded from the woman's nose, and she crumpled to the ground wordlessly. I roared, and tried to charge at the man, but failed. Some unknown force was holding me back, stopping me from getting closer.

"Your daughter is dead. So is everyone else." The man said. The woman started to sob, tears dripping down from her cheeks and splashed onto the ground, mixing with the green rain puddles. Her shoulders and head drooped down without spirit, and I felt the impulsion to fully destroy the man in front of me.

"Mercy. Please." The woman whispered.

The man said nothing. The other men in the back lowered their rifles, before the first man pulled out a pistol from behind his waist and aimed it at the woman's head.

"The Losac do not grant mercy." Then he fired.

I hardly heard her body drop to the floor as one of the hundreds beside her, her lifeless eyes staring at mines with utter despair and terror. I grit my teeth together, and tried once again to break free of the unknown force. The man holstered his pistol, which retracted into a yellow handle that he let hover behind his waist, and nodded to the other men behind him.

Then they all flickered, and disappeared. Like ghosts.

I blinked. There was no flashing light, nobody yelling and screaming, they simply left this place alone. The force finally relented, and I rushed towards the woman. It had already began to decay into starlight, something I was told the Raixien race did when death arrived. A brilliant sky of purple stars and dots appeared from her body, like fireflies in the dark, the only thing illuminating this horrible world. The only thing I even found remotely enjoyable here.

I spotted one special star, hovering above where her chest once was. A yellow star, blinking rapidly. I squinted, wondering if I really saw a man within that tiny star, before it joined the other purple stars by shifting its colour.

Then the stars winked out from existence, like the ghosts. That moment of beauty gone, forever.

Then I just realized what had happened. A person, executed mercilessly right in front of my eyes. By people who showed no emotion, no regret at what they had done. And that made me both terrified and forlorn. Because I just now remembered what that arrow symbol meant. The one that Samantha and I were both told of in our early ages, the one that we were told to tear from their chests.

The symbol of the Aerilosac. The golden race of doom, the legion of unrelenting conquest and the Orbsic manipulators. They had many titles, but these were the only ones that I was told of. They were the ones who destroyed my home planet and my people.

And my parents, too.

Then, as if noticing my thoughts, I was sucked behind me by a vacuum, emerging into another unknown place, this time in the middle of a fresh battlefield. I could tell this, since the buildings and covers were still relatively new and clean, the sound of golden ships zipping above me booming in my ears. Someone roared besides me, and I turned, surprised to see a soldier clad in full purple armour.

A Raixien soldier. The purple colour was a dead giveaway, but the dark hair and eyes also helped. That's what we all Raixiens have in common. Our dark complexion and skin tone due to the high amounts of sun we get on Raxar. The soldier in purple leapt impossibly far, covering at least ten meters with that single jump, and smashed the end of his purple rifle into the face of a Losac soldier I hadn't even seen appear. The golden soldier crumpled to the ground, Spartan helmet cracked.

Then the Aerilosac soldier started to decay, his armour and body cracking and turning into a dull coloured crystal, which I knew as Orbsic crystals. An extremely hard substance that can be found in large abundances on the Aerilosac planet, Losarien. Back before the planet was destroyed by themselves, the pollution and imminent natural hazards splitting the planet in half along with the proud golden race that once lived on it. The soldier faded into the wind, and the Raixien lifted his head up towards four more figures, marching towards us slowly.

The four figures brandished golden blades, the edges gleaming mercilessly under the falling light, and pointed the tip at the Raixien soldier. I couldn't see his eyes under the metal mask that he wore, with purple wires glowing beneath the surface layer, but I did know that he was fully ready to fight four at once.

He squared his shoulders up, and snapped his armoured wrists back. A small gun handle zipped into his open palms from his hips, and by the time he drew his hand back, the handle had transformed into a large, menacing looking rifle. The Raixien didn't bother to aim, opting to simply spray down the four blade wielding Aerilosac soldiers instead of engaging in pointless, melee combat. Why do so when guns could do the job faster and much easier?

At least, that's what I thought until I saw the Aerilosac soldiers move.

The first of the four dashed forward, propelling himself with enough force to kick up the broken floor beneath him and closing in the distance between the Raixien. I watched with pure amazement and horror as every single purple shot either deflected off the Aerilosacs armour, or blocked by the blur that was his hands. I took a split second to look closer, and found myself entranced by his armour. It was made entirely out of Orbsic crystals, and every time a shot neared him, bits and pieces of his armour broke free from its whole and intercepted the energy shot.

The Raixien soldier realized this much earlier than me, having already threw his rifle on the floor and... stood there. I merely watched with sad disappointment at knowing there was nothing I can do to stop the past. No amount of shouting and pushing can save this valiant Raixien soldier now.

Even so, I still flinched when the golden blade went down on the soldier's body, slashing him in half. The Raixien crumpled to the ground, while the Aerilosac simply stared down at it without any movement. Then, as he turned back to join his comrades, a purple energy shot slammed into his back, and passed through his chest. I gasped in surprise, whipping my head back to see where the shot came from. There, just a few steps behind where the Raixien had died, was the exact same Raixien with the rifle in hand.

I glanced down at the lifeless body, then back at the still standing soldier, now facing only three Aerilosac soldiers. It was definitely the same person, with the same height and mask lines, and I almost shouted in joy. This person was a Sixth Warrior, capable of duplicating himself up to three times in battle. And I watched with amazed eyes as another copy of him appeared from behind one of the soldiers, and slit his throat with a blade.


Two down, two to go. The remaining soldiers jumped back, properly spacing themselves while the Sixth Warrior took off his mask, revealing features similar to what Samantha and I possess. Narrowed eyes of black locked onto the soldiers, the corners of his mouth curling into an aggressive and territorial snarl. His face was smooth and rather plain, but he was in no way a stranger to combat and war. That much I could tell from the well he stood defiantly before the soldiers, the hot wind blowing against his raven dark hair.

Then he closed his eyes, and began to chant. I walked closer to him, and even though I could not speak my mother language, I could understand the words perfectly in my mind as though they were spoken in English.

I am a Raixien of the Sixth.

He began to slowly vibrate. The Aerilosac soldiers opened fire on his duplicate, who is charging at them with his blade, deflecting shots of his own.

Born under the blessings of Ryla, the Raino of many.

A ghostly figure appeared above the head of the Raixien soldier, head and shoulders coming into view.

To separate; to flourish; to unify our purpose.

The figure screamed, and it tore away from the Sixth Warrior, landing on both its feet as its body began to take shape. Contour lines on its armour appeared, and ever so slowly did the figure shift its shape to the fine details of the Raixien. I smiled widely, having never witnessed a duplication before, and now getting the chance to see it myself. The original Sixth Warrior opened his eyes, and spoke the last words.

To serve as the warriors that guard our people.

And at once, the duo charged into the fray, but before they clashed with the soldiers, my vision tunnelled, and I sped through a circular hole of light and visions. I was flying, now, and I gritted my teeth as more scenes like these played out right in front of my eyes, battles of the past and how the Raixien lost each and every one of them. I saw soldiers bombarded by golden waves of falling meteors, tall and elegant structures being electrified from above, the tortured screams of those trapped and killed within those buildings as they called out for help.

I heard it all, seen it all, all in that one second of journeying through this memory lapse. My eyes started to well up, and I clapped my head hard, trying to snap myself away from this blinding tunnel. If I remained here any longer, I was sure to go insane. I wanted to shut my ears up from the voices, but they permeated through into my mines, filling my head with their anguished screams.


I pounded my head harder, eyes filling up with water now.


Again. And again.


I roared with outrage, and like any obedient creature, the tunnel collapsed on me.

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