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Princesses in fairy tales should have a say in who kisses them.
Fairy-Tale Ending
a fella wants.
Hella girl there -
will a fair prince
woo a peasant girl... or wince?

Sleeping Beauty,
her duty clear:
Cutie to wed
prince so dead bent
he kisses without consent.

Oh, fair maiden
why laden life?
Trade in your dream,
Rebel, scream, yell
tell the princes, "Go to hell!"

Form: Ya Du - Burmese staircase form with four lines of four syllables each followed by one line of 5, 7, 9, or 11 syllables. There is a rhyme on the 4th syllable of the first line, 3rd of second line, 2nd of the third line, then a rhyme of the last syllable of the 3rd line and the third syllable of the 4th line, then a final rhyme of the last syllable of the 4th and 5th lines. So, basically xxxA xxAx xAxB xxBC xxxxxxC. Phew! There may be up to three stanzas, each separate in rhymes but joined in meaning.

I stayed within the form, but played with it as well by making the first two stanzas have two syllable rhymes in the first three lines, and then in the third stanza doubling up the rhymes in the final two lines.
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