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Life is hard and makes me feel weird
I have a broke brain
I sit and I listen to the world around me
But nothing ever sticks
They tell me the same things
And over
And over
But I don't know anything

Nothing hurts and I know it's there
But I don't actually see it
I can't touch it
Feel it
Smell my broke brain
But I know it's there
Trying it's hardest to remember

Remember the words
The sounds in this life
The people who are in front of me
The songs I dance to and the dances
The notes and assignments
It still feels empty

The doctors tell me it's the stress
The drugs
The drinking
The people
The school
The world
But it's just my life

I can't tell my mom that my brain is broke
Because it will break her heart
I will live with this broken brain
To save everyone
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