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She's blind. She feels lost. Helen feels that she's completely in the dark now.
Helen let water flows through her hair, let it run down her cheeks. She closed her eyes as she turned around in the shower, facing the wall.
She's completely lost. She's in the dark now, unable to see what's in front of her.
She thought about the card she carried with her out to this brand new city. All the warm wishes on the card, all the expectations from people. They wished her well, they all think Helen would excel in the new environment.
The truth is, she doesn't know. She hasn't found a place, she hasn't found a job, she hasn't made any friends.
Helen bit her lips and thought to herself, "Wouldn't it be easier if I just go back? Go back to what I already know. Go back to the city that I left behind."
Can she go back though? Everyone will know that she didn't make it then. Will she ever be able to make it?
Something ran down her cheeks. She's not sure if it was the water came out of the shower head or it was something else. She asked, "God, are you listening? You have to show me the way now, because I'm completely blind. I'm in the dark."
1200 dollars. She's counting in her head, the amount of money she took with her when she left two weeks ago. Is it enough? Can I survive? It's another test, isn't it?
Helen opened her eyes and turned off the shower. She took a deep breath. Inhale. Exhale.
It's time.
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