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This is my first poem about Bullying I hope you guys like it.
He shouts and shouts will he ever stop? Why do you do it? Why do they always do it? Is it because I am different? Is it because I have dark hair? Or is it perhaps because I am silent and shy? I desperately want to know why.

Dear Bully today I saw you getting frustrated and teased by others, I secretly want to comfort and confront you.
Pity the bullies, pity their souls since they truly are alone.

Bullies are just people that are scared and afraid, they always feel so low and yet they feel the need to be strong.
Confront them you may receive a beating, ignore them you might get slapped for whatever reason you’ll probably never know.
I feel so shy, and so afraid as I sit here in this room, wishing silently that I could just fade away instead of being here and trying to find answers to all these questions that keep circulating around in my head.

With each passing second you come closer to me and your shouting continues, dear bully what is wrong? Why do you always have to drag me along into this mess? You always want to shout and scream at the top of your lungs at me.
Why is it me you have to pick? Why do you feel the need to be like this?

Dear bully will you ever stop? Am I going to be slapped? What name shall I be given today? I sit here quietly.
When I want to speak you always beat me to it.

I find myself not able to speak, it’s like as if I am lost without a voice that will never be heard. People say that bullying is a big thing.
I say it’s a sad thing.

I always try to stand up for myself but you always find ways of bringing me down.
Dear bully what do you want from me? I always imagine myself trying to talk to you if God had given me the confidence to do so.
What is wrong? Are you scared? Do you need a friend?

What do you know? You would reply with a sly little line.

I would respond in a quiet little tone.

More than you do unfortunately to my shocking dismay.

Bullies are people who want friends, people are bullies because they’ve been bullied themselves.
People deal with bullies in different ways.

I dealt with it the hard way.

Dear bully will I ever grow up to be like you? Will I raise my voice at other people that I see who are in fact just like me?
Dear bully how long will this go on? Stop now before it’s too late. You don’t always have to be strong, it’s okay to show weakness.
Sometimes weakness makes you stronger. You will one day look back on this and ask yourself why did I treat a person like this, this way? The truth is you are unique in every way so there’s no need to feel as if you have to bully someone in order to be strong.
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