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Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #2173918
The Elemental Garden is a small short story which revolves around 3 friends and their hike
The element garden

One sunny day we, the Golden Trio of Theertha, Vijayalakshmi and myself, Neeraja went out trekking to the mountains of Sapphire at a place named Gitisburg. We were halfway through the mountains when we saw a humongous cave. We would'nt have seen the cave, But Theertha having sharp eyes noticed a little person rushing into a hustle of green coloured weeds. When we went nearer we saw that it was a cave.The cave had lot of green weeds flowing right through the caves hiding its entrance. I, being the adventurous one, had thought all sorts of things rudhing wildly through my mind; a lost treasure, huge mansion with lots of secrets or a secret garden. I asked my friends " Can we go inside Guys?. Lets see What is in there". They obliged and we rushed inside the cave. But it was not a cave, it was a huge tunnel. We decided to go inside.... Inside was a beautiful garden with lots of greenery. It had a beautiful calm blue lake with lots of rosy white lilies and lotuses. The lake was surrounded by lots of trees having blooming white blossoms. I t also had a beautiful cosy house. It was decorated with lots of yellow, pink, red, orange flowers and green leaves. We knocked at a wooden door in which it was carved "The Pixie Palace". The door was not opened. We knocked again and Theertha asked "May we come in?". They replied "Yes, we can let you in if you introduce yourselves". Vijayalakshmi introduced us." Okay, we will let you in". They opened the door. We saw some little people dressed in tiny clothes. One of them, I think was the bold one spoke out "We are the element pixies, and I am Aqua, I control water". Aqua wore a beautiful, exquisite, unique royal blue dress and was a beautiful pixie. As I thought, she reminded me of water. Next moment others also started introducing, Another male pixies said "Hello, I am Arian and I control the wind". Arian also wore a royal blue suite with an icy touch and he was really handsome. Then another said "I am Cleatus, controller of Earth and Aqua's elder brother". "Hey! You are my twin brother,not elder"spoke out Aqua. "No,I am elder than you by 3 minutes so shut up please" retorted Cleatus. He had worn an emerald green suite which was also exquisite and unique like Aqua's. At last The last pixie introduced herself. "I am Fiery, the controller of fire and am the sister of Arian". She we could see had worn a similar dress like Aqua's but had lots of flame like structures whereas Aqua's had sea waves. It was in red, the colour of fire. We had talked a ton and played in the garden. They all were very interesting and also the garden was humongous. We wandered all over the garden and it was a unique experience. When the dusk arrived we had to reach home as our mothers would be very worried. I asked the pixies" What is this exquisite garden's name?". "This garden's name is The Elemental Garden". "We will see you soon..Bye!"we exclaimed. Then we came back home. We again went the next day yet, after hours of search neither the garden nor the pixies were found.


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