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We seek freedom differently, yet dependent just the same.
I am not gay in your world
         But gay enough
I am not black, either
         But black
         Wherever I roam without you
I am not an immigrant
But a stranger
In an even stranger land, watching
Their cries like infants
         Helpless little babies
         I refused to be
Since I grew up
Took my medicine
         Gut full of the stuff soothes
         What rumbles within

If I am not right
Or left
I am wrong           and alone
Beer-guzzling hunters
Haul bloody trophies on trucks
Like freedom --
         Mud on oversized tires
         Bedazzled grilles with tow hooks
Pull tiny, two-wheel drive cars
From ditches in winter blizzards
         The babies drive off with meager thanks
         And expressions of shame

I go home to the goth girl
Attracted to friends who daily reject her
         Shaves her head
         Pumps that brain
With Korean anime, K-Pop
Rants about repression
School work
The plight of LBGTQ
         Thirteen-year-old professed bisexual
Still pending

With lips more prepared
For metal piercing than tender
Kisses of lost innocence

         Her brother --
Tall, brilliant
Master of piano, brass instruments
Top scorer of state and ACT testing
(Math, English, Science)
Befouls a basement couch
In darkness, head strapped
Controller aimed at a green Xbox
         Too tired to remember hand in
         Missed assignments
Tracked on PowerSchool
By two parents who'll be damned
One of these babies
Doesn't make the grade, but
Land on feet to struggle
With something akin to virtual reality
         Our foggy existence

Then, find time to wonder --
Politics? What's this about?
         Are you trying to get me to feel
Something, Mr. Trump?
The fabric of the already torn
Nuclear family tugged
A tapestry too thin
Must we scrap it, create another?
And just how are we supposed to do that
When babies bury shiny cars in ditches?
Will the muddy trucks come?
My sensible SUV can't save us.

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