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The wrath upon Pharaoh
The Lord told Moses to tell Aaron
to take his staff and stretch out his hand
upon all the waters surrounding Egypt’s land.
He made it all turned to blood.

The Lord sent a plague of frogs
And huge swarms of every bug and fly;
He caused all the ox and cattle to die.
He killed horses, mules, camel, oxen, and sheep.

The Lord told Moses to take ashes from a furnace
and toward heaven to sprinkle a handful
in the sight of Pharaoh, stubborn and sinful.
He made boils break out upon man and beast.

The Lord made a grievous hail to fall,
such as was never seen in Egypt before.
Then came locusts, two feet deep or more.
He made them cover the crops!

The Lord brought more punishment to bear,
The darkness fell upon Egypt for three days.
Every firstborn of Egypt, even Pharaoh’s son, dead lays.
He brought these judgements down.

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