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Monthly meeting at Hardees
The monthly meeting of the River Valley Flyers was held at Hardees on 3 October 2018.

The meeting convened at 1830 hrs.

Those attending were.... Larry, Bob B, Don D, Bob O, Roger, Ruben, Ron and Ralph.

Treasurers Report: Starting Balance $3453.26.... Ending Balance 3221.76.

Secretary's Report: Read to assembly.

The reports were accepted as submitted.

Old Business:

Don told us that the fertilizer is down, and we will soon be spraying for weeds. He wasn't sure why a portion of the East/West runway grass died out... attributing the possibility to something lacking in the soil... and hoped our efforts in the Fall would succeed in having it come back. He told us that we need to apply a high phosphate fertilizer and perhaps getting that level up will pay dividends in the Spring.

Bob O'Connor told us that the the seller wanted to be the one to apply it and that it would focus on the West end of the field.

Don said he would wash the spreader after the fertilizer is applied. Then he will service and take care of the pump.

Bob O said he will call the Porta -Pottty contractor to pick it up... Roger said that won't be necessary as the contractor does this automatically in accordance with the contract.

Don: Regarding the upcoming election, we don't have a big field of candidates looking to fill the elected positioned ... he voiced a desire that members who have not served in the past, step up hoping to attracts some younger members. He asked the members to think about the upcoming election and think about where we want to go on the issue of electing officers.

Ruben: Perhaps now that the economy is turning around there will be a greater incentive for new members to join.

Ron: We have a good core and need continue the good work that is going on.

Don: We are not alone in the situation of maintaining a good membership and leaders... clubs throughout the area are experiencing the same difficulties. Interest in the Hobby is on the decline.

Ron: We seem to be making the most of what we have.

Don: Taking care of the field is getting harder every year, despite the fact that we continue to do a good job with the mowing.

All the current officers agreed to stay on for another year.

Don: Next month we will make the slate of officers official.

New Business:

Don: On the 15th we will put down the fertilizer unless it is raining

Roger: One the 15th indoor flying will commence.

A motion was made to adjourn at 1859hrs but Ron and seconded by Don, ending the formal meeting.

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