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by Felwa
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On the road to self self loving and Dealing with issues by writing a letter to myself
Dearest Self,

I would have titled this “letter to the me now” but this letter is not to address you at a certain time of our life. Instead it is a reference for whenever we believe that we are straying away from what we’re working so hard on now. I have known you for the longest time more than any other being. Yet, it is alarming that even after twenty eight years I am just starting to understand you. You have strengths and weaknesses, some you acknowledge and some you don’t, even though deep down you know they are there.

I agree Self, that it is liberating to admit your weaknesses and not shy away from your strengths. It is interesting to listen to others describe what you yourself have decided to show them. It has saddened you, yes, to receive reactions from those around you because of the weaknesses you’ve displayed.

But Self, let us not go down road, for that would definitely open those dark doors that we’ve sealed before. That we’ve learned how to seal and worked hard to seal them.

Self, you believe you have always treated people kindly, but it is necessary to admit that there were times that you were selfish or cowardly. You know what I’m talking about. Those images, even though they’re scarce, but they are there. It is ok. It has made you who you are today. Better than that selfish third grade girl and stronger than the cowardly seventh grader.

Also Self, be proud. You are humble, yes, but do not confuse humbleness with self disregard. You know your strengths and it is time that you owned it. You have heard the saying “ we are all human “ but do you know, Self, what it means? It could implicate that we could be forgiven for being imperfect and I agree. But I also believe it means that we were created balanced. An equal amount of strengths and weaknesses. But why, you ask Self, is it that for some that doesn’t seem to be the case? That is because they have already been down the road we’re talking about, they have polished their strengths and downplayed their weaknesses.

Yes, Self, you’re right, perception. And this, my dearest, is the secret.

You are still learning Self and it is me teaching you. The path to become one, me and you, is difficult but the reward is unlike anything we’ve known before. And that dearest Self, is my utmost wish.

Regards and much Love,
The Me
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