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In a spur of the moment, events may take place. Hailey seemed to be away when ..
When Did It Happen?

It was a normal morning of Friday back in 2004. The weather was a bit warm and the sky was somehow clear. Hailey was out and about with her siblings; her older brother, Lyam, her elder sister Zoe and 4 younger sisters. Zoe was driving, she had got a white Land Cruiser and Lyam was in the passenger seat. At the back, Hailey was sitting behind Zoe, at the door side and next to her 4 younger sisters. It was so uncomfortable as she was literally squeezed in that she had to lay against the door and place her head against the window.

They all were heading off to the mall to shop for school. By and large, the roads were empty with very few pedestrians. Zoe had to stop at a Café and ordered some pastry for breakfast.

They had to leave right after they woke up at 7:00 in the morning so they had no breakfast at home and thought they could have something on the go. The café was nearby the region where they reside and Zoe thought it was the best place to stop by and grab a bite before heading to their destination.

After picking up the order, she drove to the next store and got some cold drinks. She then drove to the opposite side where a “perfect” cappuccino was served as she would describe it. She asked if anyone would like to have a cup. No one seemed interested in a hot beverage in such weather. Water was fine for all. Zoe had to turn towards her sisters at the back and asked surprisingly “cappuccino anyone?”
Lyam thought it would be rude if everyone said no or remained silent and replied: “I would like a small cup”.
Zoe turned to Lyam “there is no small, it is just one size, which is relatively large. I will get you one, you will like it. It is made with saffron, and there is a delicate layer of fresh milk … are you guys sure you don’t want?” everyone replied “NO, THANKS ZOE”

Zoe opened the window and greeted the waiter who was desperately waiting for attention after waiting for almost 3 minutes “Hi, may I have two cappuccinos one with chocolate flavor, please! I want them hot not warm. Oh, also ensure you cover them up with a foam plate but bring the lids aside. I don’t want to have to open the lid and spill some in my car while I do so. Oh, please get me 4 extra brown sugar packs. I like my coffee sweeter than how you guys make it. And thank you”. “so, 2 cappuccinos, one with chocolate syrup and 4 sugar packs. That’s $15.75. are you going to pay in cash or credit card?” waiter said. “in cash and herrre you goo” Zoe opened her Louis Vuitton purse grabbed her Alexander McQueen cardholder where $50 was folded several times like cigarette and fitted in aggressively and started to patiently unfolding it and handed it over to the waiter. Zoe then closed the window and turned to Lyam with frustration “HOW MANY cursing language times did I TELL you to STOP playing with my stuff? Is that HOW you fold notes? It that WHERE you keep the change? Are you stupid? When are you going to start acting like a grownup? Why are you so obscene language careless? WHY...” tapping sound on the window Zoe turned rapidly and quickly opened the window. “here is your plain cappuccino” waiter handed the first coffee to Zoe “and here is the chocolate-added one. here is your change $34.25. 10, 20, 30, 4, & 25 pennies. Thank you” “thank you” Zoe responded with anger.

placed the two coffee in the coffee sections and sped off silently. Zoe was driving 80 Miles per hour in the neighborhood where the road speed was 40 miles per hour. Although Hailey and her sisters were tightly fitted in the back seat, Hailey’s head was continuously hitting the glass and her tiny body was furiously shacking. It felt as though an earthquake was hitting. She was trying to take forty winks yet with Zoe driving upsettingly it was impossible. Hailey pulled the seat belt and fastened it hard. she had to make her sister, Kathlyn, who was sitting next to her move a little forward so that she could lock it in. she also made her sister Elle, who was next Kathlyn keep her small Chanel bag for her. 3 minutes later she took a deep breath and squeezed herself back again. She unsatisfyingly thought closing her eyes and getting away would help her get over the existing situation at that moment.

Zoe was talking, constantly yelling and complaining since they left home and she and her other sisters were forced to sit on two-seater with their handbags on their laps. Not only that but also, there were several unnecessary pitstops that were made just at the neighborhood the moment they left. Hailey thought & sighed repeatedly

Out of the blue, there was a dead silence and Hailey thought something was not right. She gently opened her eyes and shockingly saw Zoe, Lyam, Kathlyn and her other sister looking at her astonished and horrified. She got a little up; she too was astonished as she wondered why the ceiling was dripping and their handbags were piled up at the other side from where she was sitting. before she could say a word, everyone went “are you okay? Are you okay?” she got speechless as she turned her head and saw a gruesome scene of severely damage Pickup, which had hit their vehicle on the passenger back seat, exactly where Hailey was sitting.

Hailey got in shock as she couldn’t see it coming, though just right before the accident took place, she acted as if she knew something bad was going to happen. She didn’t feel the hit at all and luckily, she didn’t get hurt. “When did it happen?” she asked shockingly while she was pulling the seatbelt off her trying to get out of the car as quick as she could.

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