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A Poem about what it means to find yourself...
Independent by Grace

People will ask:
“What makes you walk around with
Your head held high and step with a royal air?”
You say: “It is the Spirit drives me,
When I feel like I cannot push anymore.
I live to feel the tingles burning through your bones
Yes, I am independent by Grace.
Fused with an infusion of pride and humility,
Mixed together perfectly and supernaturally.
The Spirit propels me forward and forces me not to hide.
To run around my Jerichos and finally let out a shout
For so long I have been scared to reach out,
To give up all doubt, and to step out the boat
And walk on that water and on faith,
To let Him know me,
As well as He knew Adam, then Eve,
It is simple really, naturally refined.
This is just a small peep inside of my mind,
People will call it crazy and insane, no, never, maybe?
I am crazy in love with my God
All I am saying is love me.
For the simple and the complex, the two sides that you see,
Yet I am mixed comfortably,
Ah yes, this is the meaning of independent by Grace.
The true meaning of my existence is not to sit and watch life pass me by,
I am to live for however long that may be.
To be gloriously and independently me,
Ah why does He allow me to possess this power, this grace?
Because I love Him, and He shed it all…
For me to be free.
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